Thursday, May 22, 2014

If you like your VA, you can keep your VA. Period.

There seems to be a lot of outrage regarding the VA hospitals death panels.  From the President on down, politicians in both parties are "mad as hell" and will not rest until they get to the bottom of this "unacceptable" situation.  This makes me laugh...and cry at the same time.

The assumption everyone is making is that the VA exists to provide the best healthcare available to our vets.  Ha!   If it was true, the outraged parties might have a shot at fixing it, but it's not true, and that is why the VA is as unfixable as the IRS.  No mortal put in charge of the VA, as currently defined, could ever fix it because it is impossible for a nationalized, unionized, and politicized government agency to provide excellence on any level.  If we really wanted vets to have access to the best healthcare, we would let them choose their own doctors and hospitals.  

And don't tell me our military is an example of a government agency which provides excellence.  The military is an exception only because it is non-union, has it's own code of justice, and usually avoids politicization.  Heck, unlike the VA, you can still get demoted and even fired from the military!  (Well, at least you used to be able to.  Getting fired is almost impossible these days, and it is one reason the military is also sliding downhill.)  

Here're the facts:  The VA exists primarily as a jobs program for (mostly Democrat) unionized political constituents.  The VA is also a slush fund for (mostly Democrat) politicians and a funding source for (mostly Democrat) politicians.   Those are its primary functions.  Treating vets is simply a means to an end, and the end is money for Democrats.

No President, Secretary, or Superhero can squeeze excellence out of a nationalized, unionized, and politicized organization.  Barack Obama is the poster-boy for nationalizing, unionizing, and politicizing everything within his grasp.  Feigning anger and concern for vets is just the latest bald-faced lie from this President.     


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