Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Do You Really Want to Stop School Shootings? [UPDATED]

You know what they say about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?  (Hint: It’s the definition of insanity.) Here’s a radical but eminently logical proposal to finally stop the kind of school shooting that just killed 17 innocent people in Parkland, FL.:  Vote Republican!

I know, I know, you think Republicans are the problem.  Heck, they’re the NRA party, right? How can they possibly fix this?  Bear with me and I’ll explain...   

Democrats have had filibuster proof majority control of the federal government sixteen times since WWII.  That’s sixteen years where they held the Presidency, the House, and had at least sixty votes in the Senate.  Republicans have NEVER had anything close to sixty votes in the Senate since WWII.  Without a sixty-vote margin in the Senate, there is no real “control” of the legislative agenda.

The last time Democrats had sixty votes was way, way, back during... the Obama administration.  They could have done anything they wanted on guns a few years ago!  So what did they do?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

To understand why Democrats did not fix the “gun” problem and Republicans absolutely will, it is instructive to know who their respective voters are:  

The Democrat voting coalition is made-up largely of groups who are on some level dependent on the federal government.  Among them are the poor, the oligarchs, union members, government employees, social liberals, and single parent families. They are all vulnerable and look to the federal government for their financial, physical, or social security.

The Republican voting coalition is largely made-up of individuals who do not want to be dependent on the federal government.  They largely seek independence and look to the federal government only for the basics as laid out in the constitution.  Among these voters are the religious, much of the middle class, small and mid-sized business people, social conservatives, and nuclear families.

For Democrats to succeed, they need vulnerable, dependent, insecure voters in large numbers to keep them in power.  For Republicans to succeed, they need contented, independent, secure voters to keep them in power.  This is just axiomatic. 

Now who do you suppose wants you to live in fear of someone getting into your school and killing your kids?  Could that be why Democrats did nothing when they had the power sixteen times since WWII? Could that be why an NRA supported bill since 2007 that would have prevented dangerous homicidal maniacs from obtaining guns has never been passed?  Could that be why every time there is legislation to screen these people, Democrats insert a poison pill amendment to kill it? 

Give Republicans the kind of power they’ve never had, and which Democrats have had sixteen times since WWII.  Vote Republican.  Give them the Presidency, the House, and over sixty votes in the Senate for the first time since WWII and this problem gets fixed pronto (along with many others).  Or, keep voting Democrat and watch more kids die.  Your choice. 

From Hot Air 2/28/18:

WaPo: Why Are Senate Dems Torpedoing Their Own Gun Bill?

As predicted, Democrats are killing their own "Fix NICS" bill!  They have no interest in fixing the problem because they are Democrats, and to keep power they need as many insecure, dependent, and helpless people as possible.  Fixing things is anathema to their mission.   



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