Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Fact Check: Is Peter McCullough the COVID Paul Revere? [UPDATED]

Dr. Peter McCullough is my favorite physician on the subject of COVID, vaccines, early treatment, the campaign against repurposed drugs, and the context of it all.  There are numerous doctors and scientist who are in the same class, but very few combine expertise, fearlessness, and communication skills quite the way McCullough does.

Here's the latest from Dr. McCullough and it's a doozy.  He has recently moved past niceties and hedgy words and gone full declarative:  

  • these so-called vaccines are dangerous and should be stopped at once
  • the long term effects on women of child-bearing age are completely unknown
  • they are ineffective in the first place
  • these vaccines violate the Nuremberg code and other international and U.S. laws
  • early treatment was always the best approach in the middle of a pandemic
  • there are numerous effective early treatment combinations that are known to work
  • there is a war on early treatment which has prevented it in much of the world
  • half the deaths could have been avoided through early treatment
  • Dr.s, regulators, media, public, etc. are all suffering a mass psychosis
  • this is not JUST about money
  • something else is at play
What makes this all so remarkable is this is not Alex Jones saying these things.  Dr. McCullough is too credentialed and renowned to be ignored.

Here he is talking to an audience of entirely surgeons and physicians.  Notice the reception he gets from these hands-on experts.  

If he is the COVID Paul Revere, it would be a huge promotion for the esteemed Mr. Revere.

Watch Dr. McCullough's speech to the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons posted October 7th, 2021 here:


[UPDATE:  I'm gonna take it up a notch and say that Peter McCullough is the George Washington of Covid.  He's the "Indispensable Man" of the pandemic.  That's the update.  Here's his latest presentation which I'll also post as a new blog:   https://aapsonline.org/presentation-by-peter-mccullough-md-on-10-27-2021/ ]. 

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