Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Menendez Hypocrisy

The FBI is investigating Senator Bob Menendez's (D-NJ) connections to a scandal involving underage prostitutes, a Florida donor, unreimbursed and undocumented donations, legislative favors, and said donor's tax status.  The Pop Media, especially network news, is uninterested in reporting these allegations.  According to them, it's not newsworthy because there is no hypocrisy involved.  After all Senator Menendez is a Democrat and Democrats don't go around preaching about morals and values.  When a Republican allegedly cheats on his wife, solicits gay sex, or takes illegal donations, that's news because they are always going on about family values and moral standards.  Apparently, Democrats can't possibly be held to account because they espouse no values and set no standards of accountability or behavior.

Well, I call bullshit.  Turns out Bob Menendez is all about protecting "exploited children".  Hmmmm, wouldn't underage prostitutes fall into that category?        

Menendez is a member of the Congressional Missing & Exploited Children's Caucus!!!
    Statement Of Purpose
  1. To build awareness around the issue of missing and exploited children for the purpose of finding children who are currently missing and to prevent future abductions.
  1. To create a voice within Congress on the issue of missing and exploited children and introduce legislation that would strengthen law enforcement, community organizing and school-based efforts to address child abduction.
  1. To identify ways to work effectively in our districts to address child abduction. By developing cooperative efforts that involve police departments, educators, and community groups we can heighten awareness of the issue and pool resources for the purpose of solving outstanding cases and preventing future abductions.
Source: Congressional Caucus Web site 01-CMECC0 on Jan 8, 2001