Sunday, March 24, 2019

Fact Check: The Truth About The Mueller Report

Mueller has spoken.  No Collusion.  No Obstruction.  Democrats are crestfallen.  Republicans are ebullient.

But, do they both have it backwards?

Remember what former Senate majority leader Harry Reid (D, NV) said after being confronted for lying about Mitt Romney not paying taxes.  When asked if he had any remorse, he said, "We won the election, didn't we?"

Look, anyone with half a brain knew there was no basis for a special counsel on Russian collusion. But Mueller had important Democrat work to do:

  • Trump was thrown off-balance and put under a cloud for his entire Presidency
  • It slowed his progress and hurt his agenda
  • Democrats retook the House
  • Trump's legislative agenda died when Nancy Pelosi became Speaker
  • Blocking immigration reform ensures 4 years of massive illegal influx into border states
  • When Texas flips, no Republican, even Abraham Lincoln, can ever be elected President again 
  • Throwing Paul Manafort into solitary confinement sent a strong signal to anyone entertaining the idea of working for the Trump 2020 campaign
  • By torturing Manafort, they were able to flip Michael Cohen
  • Cohen is now working with the SDNY, which now has the baton
  • It's too late for a full investigation into the attempted coup d'etat before 2020
  • Big investigations take a minimum of 2 years and the election is only 19 months away
  • Meanwhile, election season is in full-swing, so anything Trump does will be dismissed as political

Democrats and their media accomplices will pay no price for attempting a coup d'etat and perpetrating a massive fraud on the American people.  It's all upside for them, just as it was for Harry Reid. 

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