Friday, January 7, 2022

Fact Check: The Truth About Florida's Covid Response [UPDATED]

Stop me if you've heard these: 

"It's a Pandemic of the unvaccinated!"

"And the unvaccinated are all the GOP Trumpers!"

"And no place has more of them than Florida, with their Governor Ron DeathSantis!"

HERE'S THE REALITY CHECK:  Florida has had the LOWEST death rate from C19 in the country for months thanks to Ron DeSantis' unique monoclonal antibody program started in mid August.  Only in Florida can anyone walk into a mAbs clinic and receive monoclonal antibodies without a prescription.  It has worked miracles at slowing serious cases, hospitalizations, and death.

[UPDATE: Unfortunately, the Biden administration has cut-off the supply of these life saving therapies and shuttered Florida's mAbs program as of mid January, 2022.  If Biden was actively trying to kill Floridians, what would he do differently?]     

(Graph from Worldometer as of 1/7/22)