Friday, August 26, 2011

The Gibson Blues

First they came for Non-Union Toyota but I didn’t care because I drive a UAW pick-up.
Next they came for Non-Union Delta Airlines but I didn’t care because I don’t fly.
Then they came for the Non-Union Boeing Plant but I still didn’t care because I still don’t fly.
Now the Feds have raided Non-Union Gibson Guitars and I am really pissed-off because I’ve been saving my damn unemployment checks for a smokin’ Les Paul Custom which I could never afford if the price goes any higher!
These Reds are beginning to give me the Blues.   (Apologies to Martin Niemoller)

Yesterday Gibson Guitars in Nashville Tennessee was raided by federal agents.  At first, based on early reports, I thought this was a minor issue about exotic imported wood. NOT ON YER LIFE! This is friggin' serious and I believe it is about UNIONS and OBAMA'S JIHAD against non-union companies and right-to-work states.  Here is a comment clipped from my research on the subject:

“Companies don't move south for the weather.
Tennessee is a Right to Work state and the reason Gibson moved operations there (from Michigan) was to avoid unions. They picked Tenn. over all the other union-unfriendly Southern states because of tax incentives offered to them, but they moved because of labor.”*

This is ominous and Gibson may be fighting for its non-union life, just like Toyota, BoeingDelta, and others before it. Can you believe we live in a country where the full power of the federal government is blatantly used to selectively harass non-union businesses? I still can't believe it has come to this in our once "Free Country".

*Hat Tip: “Wyatt” on Harmony Central Forums
Update:  If you are unfamiliar with the Toyota/Union connection, please follow the above Toyota link.  Read it and weep.   

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