Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Obama Hates White People!

Remember when George W Bush was accused of not caring about black people after Katrina hit New Orleans, a city with a nearly 70% black population, and prominent blacks and Democrats rushed to his defense pointing out that the city and state, who are the first responders in a disaster were both run by Democrats? Yeah, me neither.  Pass it on.

Well, it turns out that Vermont, devastated by Irene, is the whitest state in America.  Has Obama been there yet? How many FEMA trailers are on the ground today? Has power been restored to everyone? Is everyone in a shelter? Has the US Army or Navy been mobilized? Does everyone have food and water?   Look, we had a whole week of dire warnings to prepare for this thing.  This was not a surprise!  Was Obama on vacation or something?   I think Obama doesn’t care about white people!

Of course, both the accusation against Bush and my parody against Obama are ridiculous. The difference being I understand the idiocy, but Democrats including Obama rode that ginned-up hatred to electoral victory. Shameful.  And dangerous.

Kanye West Accuses Bush of Not Caring About Black People

Vermont ranked as whitest state on Wikipedia

Spike Lee bashes Bush on Katrina response

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  1. The Liar-in-Chief couldn't get enough Black Liberation Theology from Frank Marshall Davis because Frank was a Communist. For real Hate he had to go to Jeremiah Wright's church.

    I'm sure that somewhere in the dark recesses of Obama's brain, somewhere between those elephantine ears, he loves that fact that he's destroying America and all those "racist" white folks whose ancestors brought the Kings and Queens of Africa to our shores.

    His presidency is all about Pay-Back.

    Nice post, btw. Keep up the great work. Sic semper tyrannis!