Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Obama's Logic

What is the logical outcome of Barack Obama's philosophy: "If you've got a business, you didn't build that!  Somebody else made that happen!"?

The good news is, we don't have to guess.  At the heart of Marxist-Lenninist theory is "egalitarianism":  the idea that free markets unfairly and unevenly distribute wealth in a society, thus requiring the state to seize the wealth and effect a more even distribution.

Seizing wealth is a tough sell in a society which believes that the people who earned it have a proprietary interest in it.  But if the society can be convinced that wealth really belongs to all members in equal measure, regardless of contribution, then the Marxist-Lenninists will have the critical mass for their revolution.  

The bad news is, the revolution has always been bloody and has never produced  anything except egalitarian misery.

In a totally unrelated thought:


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Obama Jumps The Shark

Obama campaign Jumps the Shark
scolding businessmen:
"You Didn't Build That!"

"Jumping the Shark", a term which has come to denote the beginning of a downhill slide in the quality of a TV series, originally referred to a Happy Days episode in which the character Fonzie jumped over a shark while waterskiing.  Critics claim that from that point on, the show descended into campy mediocrity.   

The Right asserts: 
  • Obama's campaign has "jumped the shark" by scolding business people, "You didn't build that!"
The Left asserts:
  • Obama was not actually waterskiing at the time
  • The Right is taking his being pulled by a boat "out of context"
  • If Obama was being pulled by a boat, it's only because Republicans have let the roads and bridges fall apart 
  • Further, if Obama had seen a shark while being pulled by a boat and jumped over it, it's only because he is so kind to animals
  • In any case, that was an underrated Happy Days episode
  • Mitt Romney waterskis too and has a really expensive boat
  • Look, the Koch Brothers! 
(Cautionary tale:  Although the aforementioned Happy Days episode is recognized as the turning point in the series, it dragged-on another six painful years...)  

Monday, July 23, 2012


  • How many know that Denver, Colorado has an active anarchist movement?  
  • How many know that Denver has an active Occupy movement?
  • How many realize Occupy and anarchists are one?*  
  • How many know that there is actually an anarchist newspaper in Denver?  (called "Ignite!")  
  • How many know that anarchist movements have particular animus towards Police?  
  • How many know that Police were the intended target of the booby trapped apartment?  
  • How many realize that this mass murder had no other motive other than anarchy and killing Police? 
  • How many realize that Batman has always had an anti-anarchist theme?*
  • How many realize Barack Obama got his start as a Community Organizer Occupying banks? (Sorry, this is "Obama's Mob" )*
  • How many realize Barack Obama supports the Occupy movement?*      
  • How many realize we are now several days into this, and no Pop Media outlet is pointing any of this out?

* UPDATED From The Original

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mitt Romney Is Batman

There's a new Batman movie coming out and I hear Rush Limbaugh has compared Mitt Romney to Bruce Wayne/Batman.  Ergo, it is time to revisit one of my favorite mash-ups.  (Apologies to Herman Cain fans, but he had already dropped out when I made this.)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Grand Ayatollah Roberts

When Obamacare, arguably the most invasive legislation in the history of our nation,  passed the Senate with not a single Republican vote, I likened it to being raped and posted the "Stages of Adjustment" a rape victim goes through.  Here are a few examples:
SHOCK—Numbness - Offering information to the survivor during this stage is not helpful, as s/he will likely remember very little, if anything, about what occurs during this time period
DENIAL—“Not me, I’m fine.” “This can’t have happened!” “It’s not that bad.”  Not yet able to face the severity of the crisis, the survivor spends time gathering strength. The denial phase serves as a cushion for the more difficult stages of adjustment that follow.
ANGER—Rage, Resentment… “What did I do?” “Why me?”
A survivor’s anger may be the result of having experienced a loss of strength or loss of control over her/his life. The anger may be directed toward the offenders, a doctor, the police, or anyone else, including her/himself.
The list goes on to include the later stages: PLEA-BARGAINING, DEPRESSION, ACCEPTANCE, and ASSIMILATION.  Here's the full list. 

If you felt abused by the original passing of the bill, it might feel like you've had to deal with a second assault, as if the judge made you re-enact the rape in the courtroom. 

Moreover, this SCUTUS ruling is akin to trying a rape case in a Sharia court.  According to Islamic Sharia law there must be four male eye-witnesses in order to convict a rapist.  Lacking those four eye witnesses or a confession, the rape victim is found guilty of fornicating or adultery and given 100 lashes or stoned to death.  Yes, that's right, the victim is guilty despite eye witness testimony.  John Roberts would fit right in there.  Maybe we should just call him Grand Ayatollah Roberts? 

(Note that this case even had its four male eye-witnesses! Scalia, Thomas, Kennedy, and Alito.  Nevertheless, the Grand Ayatollah prevailed.) 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Tragedy of ObamaCare

Forget the politics. What matters to me, and should matter to everyone, is that ObamaCare has always been a shit-sandwich and it remains so today.  The only two things we learned from today's Supreme Court ruling, we already knew: ObamaCare was deceptively sold, and anyone looking for salvation from the Supreme Court is looking in the wrong place.

The debate all along on healthcare was flawed. The debate focused on the visible: your costs, your choices, your doctor, your insurance, and the constitutionality of the mandate. That’s understandable. Voters relate to what they can see. But what makes modern healthcare so dynamic is not the visible, and that is what will atrophy under a federal top-down system.

Virtually all the advances in healthcare we have come to take for granted: X-Rays, MRIs, arthroscopic surgery, pharmaceuticals, surgical devices, implanted defibrillators, and all the high-tech gadgets and substances one sees in a hospital, are produced by private industry. The more involved the federal government gets, the harder it becomes to make and improve these things. We won’t notice the slowing pace of advances right away. It will happen slowly and inexorably. Years from now, we won’t even realize we are dying from routine diseases which a private health system could have cured.

None of this was necessary. Every problem we have with health insurance today is already caused by government: It comes through your employer because of tax laws that allow deductibility only for employers. You can’t buy insurance across state lines due to a law called McCarran Ferguson. Medicare rate controls guarantee high inflation for non-Medicare patients. There are no limits on malpractice awards. State monopolies force residents into high-cost plans. You can’t even be charged with theft if you drive up to a hospital in a Ferrari, demand to be treated, and then refuse to pay!

ObamaCare was never about fixing those problems. ObamaCare has always been about control and power for the Democrat Party. Democrats know that once the government controls your healthcare, they control you.

This has been and still is the tragedy of ObamaCare.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why Exercise?

We keep hearing about the shrinking workforce, or what the Bureau of Labor Statistics calls, “The Labor Force Participation Rate”.  Since Barack Obama was elected, the size of the workforce, that is the number of Americans working or seeking work, has dropped precipitously from 66% to 63.6% (source: BLS*).  This is the first time since such measurements were made (1948) that the rate has gone down like that.  Why?

Here’s a thought experiment:  Suppose a law was passed that guaranteed everyone an average lifespan, but no more.  Medical professionals would annually predict the overall average life expectancy, and that would be it.  The sick would have their lives extended up to that average age by every means available.  Everyone, sick or healthy, would be terminated when they hit the average life expectancy age.   In other words, you would would be guaranteed the exact same lifespan as your drug addicted, cigarette smoking neighbor, regardless of your health condition. 

What do you suppose would happen to the fitness craze?  Would Americans spend hours running, weight lifting, cycling, and eating healthy foods knowing the longest they could possibly live would be…average?  What would be the marginal advantage of staying healthy?  What would happen to cheesecake consumption rates for those over, say, 60?  In other words, what would happen to the “Fitness Force Participation Rate”? 
Also, what would happen to the average lifespan over time, would it go up or down?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Brett Kimberlin - A Limerick Poem

In honor of "Blog about Brett Kimberlin Day"

Here's a brief summary:  Brett Kimberlin is a convicted violent criminal, most likely a murderer, and now a free man who has become a violent and dangerous leftist activist who gets funding from leftist sugar-daddies like George Soros and Barbara Streisand.  His latest terrorism is focused on bloggers bent on exposing his past, his current activities,  and his leftist ties.  He is a menace to society, a menace to the 1st amendment, and must be stopped.

Some links:
The original expose' by LC (important)
Who is Brett Kimberlin? (a short video)
More Here... (good)
What is Brett Kimberlin up to now? (scary)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The First Composite President

Whatever You Want Him To Be...
Wanna close Guantanamo?  He does too.
Wanna keep Guantanamo open?  Yup, him too.
Wanna kill terrorists?  He does too.
Wanna try terrorists like citizens? Yup, him too.
Do you hate rich people?  He does too.
Are you rich? Yup, him too.
Are you black?  He is too.
Are you white? Yup, him too.
Do you love your country?  He does too.
Do you want to fundamentally transform your country?  Yup, him too.
Etc. etc. etc.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Shit Romney Won’t Say – Part I

Politicians rarely speak their mind, or at least their whole mind.  Their job, which is to be liked by as many people as possible, is antithetical to speaking in absolutes.  Here is a quote from the man many regard as our greatest President, Abraham Lincoln:
"I think slavery is wrong, morally, and politically. I desire that it should be no further spread in these United States, and I should not object if it should gradually terminate in the whole Union." The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln edited by Roy P. Basler, Volume III, "Speech at Cincinnati, Ohio" (September 17, 1859), p. 440.
I should not object if it should gradually terminate…”  Huh?  Why not: “If elected, I will emancipate all slaves.”?  Note that the above quote was about a year before the election of 1860.  If you compare Lincoln’s rhetoric on either side of the campaign with his statements right before the election, there is a marked difference in tone.  Abe Lincoln, our greatest President, adopted a more moderate tone during his campaign.   Apparently, Lincoln had an Etch-A-Sketch.
With that in mind, here are some things Mitt Romney won’t say during this campaign.  All I know is, I find these things to be axiomatic, and I can say them even if Mitt won’t:    
·   Barack Obama did not inherit this mess.  In fact, he is largely responsible for the Financial Crisis of 2008!  No, he didn’t do it singlehandedly;  he had lots of help.  But, I defy you to find a single human being who was present at more stages of this economic cluster-fuck than Barack Obama.  From his college days, to his Community Organizer days, to his ACORN days, to his Non-Profit days, to his State Senate days, to his U.S. Senate days, all the way to his Presidency, he has been an effective proponent of the very policies and philosophies which crashed the financial system in 2008 and have kept us from escaping the malaise.  To wit:  Marxist student?  Check.  ACORN activist against bank lending standards?  Check.  Community Reinvestment Act?  Check.  Supported Subprime Mortgages for anyone?  Check.  Fannie and Freddie’s biggest money recipient by rate?  Check.  TARP?  Check.  Continued support for the re-distribution of credit?  Check.  Continued war on bank lending standards?  Check.  Continued support for Fannie and Freddie? Check.  Supported Fed Chairman Bernanke all along?  Check.  I could go on for pages.      

·   Barack Obama had nothing to do with getting Osama bin Laden.  In fact, the bin Laden raid happened IN SPITE OF Barack Obama!   As a candidate for Senate, a U.S. Senator, and then President,  Barack Obama opposed every single policy which led to the eventual location and termination of Osama bin Laden.  To wit:  Opposed interrogating terrorists?  Check.  Opposed imprisoning terrorists?  Check.  Opposed treating terrorists as military combatants?  Check.  Opposed wiretapping terrorists?  Check.  Opposed Guantanamo?  Check.  Opposed gathering any intelligence from terrorists?  Check.  Opposed waterboarding KSM?  Check.  My Labradoodle, who opposed none of those policies, did more to get Osama bin Laden than Barack Obama.   

·   Barack Obama is not a “nice guy”.  In fact, Barack Obama is an amoral person!  Morality is the difference between Economic Liberals and Economic Conservatives.   To wit:  Marx = Redistribution of Wealth is good for The Lower Classes.  Keynes = Redistribution of Wealth is good for Stimulating the Economy.  Progressives of both Parties = Redistribution of Wealth is good Politics.   All the above definitions focus on the benefit to the receiving class and none address the moral implications.  Redistribution of Wealth is immoral by definition because it amounts to THEFT.   Barack Obama, who may embody one or all the above ideologies, is an exemplary example of this amorality.   He cannot impose an immoral economic system and be “nice” at the same time. 

My real complaint is, not only will Mitt Romney not say this shit, he says the exact opposite.  In all three cases, Mitt Romney could avoid these topics, but instead he is on record saying:  “Obama did not cause the financial mess.”, “Obama deserves praise for getting bin Laden.”, and “Obama is a nice guy.”  It would be like Linclon saying: “Personally, I think slave owners are nice people.  Really, they inherited a bad system, and they deserve praise for failing to completely stop the abolitionist movement.”

Preposterous.   Still to come - Part II.