Thursday, October 8, 2015

Oregon Shooting Coverup?

This Oregon shooting is looking more like a terrorist attack.  Consider the following:

Meanwhile, the federal government has taken down all social media relating to the Oregon shooting, and Obama and the Democrats want everyone to focus on...  guns.  

This looks an awful lot like a diversion.    

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ted Cruz is Awesome! VI

Just watch the whole thing... (This is number six in a series.  Search for "Ted Cruz" on this site for the others...)

I would also note that our planet has been warming and glaciers melting since the last ice age 15,000 years ago.  Our sun varies in output according to certain vague and unknown timed cycles.  About 99% of the energy absorbed by our biosphere comes from the sun.   Our solar system circumnavigates our galaxy once every 250 million years.  We know very little about the climactic effects of any of this.  Period.  The science is largely unknown at this time.  Run from anyone who tells you otherwise.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Oregon, Guns, and Obama

The Oregon massacre was bad enough.  Barack Obama made it even worse.  Before anything was known about the event, he got in front of the cameras to politicize the tragedy and blame it on the tool used by the killer.  That would be like blaming the holocaust on gas chambers, 9/11 on box cutters, and ISIS on scimitars.

There is a "first law of Obama", much like there is a first law of physics:  "for every negative event, there is a politically convenient scapegoat to attack, which is designed to rally the liberal base but solve nothing. " For Oregon it's guns.

Not only did Obama attack guns as the culprit, he also attacked the country he leads as being the only developed country that experiences such events.  He must not consider England, France, Norway, Switzerland, Russia, Finland, Germany, or Canada developed.

He may really believe our legal right to own guns makes us more violent.  He seems blissfully unaware that we've always had guns, but we didn't always have this kind of violence.  He's also blissfully unaware that some of the highest homicide rates, 1000% higher than ours, are in Central American countries that have no 2nd amendment and very few guns.  Countries like Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, and Mexico are some of the most violent in the world.   Good thing Obama is not importing illegals from these countries.  Oh wait, that's exactly what he's doing!

Look, I could talk about how Obama's disregard for life (ie: late term abortions) has contributed to a cheapening of the value of life and led to more violence, but that would be theoretical.   What's not theoretical is that in Obama's first term, he and the Democrats had filibuster proof control of the entire government. They could have passed a total ban on guns if they wanted to.  They did not, because even most Democrats know guns are not the problem.

The fact is we have some violent and insane people in our country, and their violence will not magically disappear if guns magically do.  Ironically, the best way to minimize gun violence is to deregulate them.  It is not a coincidence that killers like the Charleston guy, the Batman guy, the military base guys, and the school guys, all sought out gun-free zones to accomplish their evil.    

Obama knows this, but sees a political opportunity.  The damage that this cynical, petulant, arrogant, and divisive man is inflicting on our nation proceeds apace.

(This piece is a re-post of what I wrote after the Charleston shooting.  I basically just changed the place-name to Oregon.)

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Star Wars Solution to Gun Violence

A liberal friend posed this question on Facebook.  Of course, I took the bait:

Ok, I have a question. I’m going to put this out to republican legislators, and republicans in general. Let’s imagine for a brief second that you all have the power to enact and enforce laws to make our country a better place. Oh wait - you already have that power.  Ok, let’s just suppose you’re willing to use it – for actually improving the quality of life in this country? That is the goal, correct?  My question is: What would you suggest is a possible solution to this current crisis of mass shootings? They’re not just killing children of liberal families. Surely, you must agree that this affects us all? So, what do you suggest we do about it? We all can hear very clearly the objections to virtually any sliver of a mention of gun control, or regulation. We get that having an unfettered right to a gun, to any gun, is way more important to you than any reduction in senseless deaths.  So, come up with another solution. Anything. We would love to hear how you all would solve this. You blame mental illness? Well, what would you do about that? What mental health initiatives are you willing to pay for? When can we start?  I’m not even being rhetorical. I’m serious. What will you all do about this, other than to get in the way of fixing it? 

My response:

Can't speak for Republicans, but I am familiar with the libertarian (small "l") solutions for this. Let me start by saying, "Long ago in a galaxy far far away..." Wait, before I get to that, some of your premises need correcting: Republicans cannot make laws. They would need 61 votes in the Senate which they've never had in modern times. Democrats however, did have that for Obama's first two years and they Also, you are right, gun violence doesn't care which party you vote for, but the vast majority of gun violence is in Democrat cities. (Chicago, New York, Detroit, it's all the same street... add Baltimore, Nawlins, DC, etc.) OK, back to Star Wars: Think of Darth Vader as the guy who brings a big gun into a movie theatre intending to take out as many innocents as possible. Who stops him? Not just the cops. No, an ordinary cat with a fast car and some big guns of his own, named Han Solo, has the assist. In other words, qualified regular Joes (like that guy Mintz!) with concealed carry permits could turn a mass casualty gig into a less bigger deal. Still gonna have them though. (There will always be idiots like the "I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die" type.) Libertarians would also say, every one of these incidents has an SSRI component, so prosecute any doctor as an accomplice who prescribes SSRIs, or any mind altering drug, to a guy with an arsenal and a penchant for first-person-shooter games (Another correlation). Also, libertarians would say if you have private property and want a gun free zone, fine, but public spaces should never be gun free. 

UPDATE:  Obama and Democrat response using the Star Wars analogy:  Vader still gets his Death Star (the bad guys always keep their weapons!), and the rebels (cops) still have their Xwing fighters. Only Han Solo (the private citizen) has his guns confiscated.  Under that scenario, Luke dies, the rebels are decimated, and the Death Star kills all the good guys.  Obama, Democrats, and the gun ban advocates are naively taking Vader's side.     

Friday, October 2, 2015

Let this sink in...

The Divider in Chief was at it once again after the Oregon school shooting yesterday, taking to the airwaves before anything was known about the incident, other than that it was horrific.  Horrific was all he needed to continue driving a wedge to further his divisive and fruitless attempts at undermining the Bill of Rights.

Now we know something about the monster who fostered this tragedy.  Turns out he is a mixed-race madman who has an acute hatred for Christians.  And don't even get me started on the shooter...     

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Obama vs. Putin

Remember this from the last presidential election debates?

This takes on new significance now that Russia has begun bombing targets in Syria in defense of Bashar al-Assad. Meanwhile, we are in Syria too... bombing ISIS. Apparently, Russia demanded we remove our planes, but we refused.

Today, I heard Secretary of State John Kerry use the word "deconflict" when referring to our relationship with Russia in Syria.

In other words, both the US and Russia are in Syria, and we are in conflict!

Thank God Barack Obama is right about everything else, and can at least tell the difference between a hoax suitcase bomb and a clock.   Oh, wait...

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fun with VW Memes

It's really hard to see the silver lining in the cloud enveloping Volkswagon.  They have admitted to cheating on emission tests by using software that deliberately deceived consumers and governments alike.  Their stock has dropped, sales will suffer, and their reputation may never be whole again.  (As if being founded by Hitler wasn't bad enough.)

And in a case of perfect timing, Germany just welcomed up to 800,000 "Syrian refugees" because they were having trouble filling jobs at, among others, Volkswagon plants!  Now they are stuck with the muslim refugees and God knows how many Germans who will be newly unemployed thanks to this mess.   

For all of you socialists  and anti-capitalists screaming, "See, this is what greedy capitalists do! They lie and destroy the environment!", remember that Volkswagon was started by the National Socialists in Germany (The Nazis).  VW converted to private ownership in the 1960s, but by statute they need over 80% to get anything through their board of directors.  To this very day, the government of Lower Saxony, Germany, owns a veto-proof 20.1% interest in Volkswagon.   This gives the government effective override control of the board.     

So, might as well have some fun at their expense, right?