Sunday, May 3, 2009

IBDST about one party rule...

One Party Rule? I love it! For years all I heard was "I hate both parties and they're just the same anyway", or "There's not a dimes worth of difference between the Democrats and Republicans". Well apparently there's like ten trillion dollars worth of difference! All those who babbled on about excessive spending during the Bush years (and I was among them!) have gotten a real schooling as Obama makes just about every other President look like a model of fiscal responsibility. But spending is just part of it. The differences on national security have been another huge wake-up call for the intellectually lazy "dimes-worth" crowd. Still think both parties are the same after Obama ignored the advice of 5 CIA Directors and de-classified the Top-Secret files on terrorist interrogations? For brevity's sake, I'll only mention one more all-encompassing difference that has been highlighted of late; "philosophy". I ask the "dimes-worth" crowd, can you see the difference between how Republicans view your property and how Democrats view your property? How the GOP views the constitution and how the Dems see it? How each party views free markets and the rights of the individual to participate in them? The longer we are a one party country the more damage will be done. The education though will be priceless!

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