Tuesday, March 31, 2015

RFRA Hypocrisy

This whole #RFRA/Indiana kerfuffle is more blatant hypocrisy from gays and the left.   These people present themselves as paragons of tolerance and acceptance, while claiming anyone with beliefs at odds with theirs is a hater and a bigot.  Remember how the left mocked Mitt Romney and made an issue over polygamy in Mormon history?  I'll never forget the left's intolerance and bigotry toward Mormons during the last election.  That bigotry now extends to just about every religious person.  (Except Muslims, of course, which they are too cowardly to openly oppose.)  When the left gets all worked up about something like this #RFRA business, they are just exposing their hypocrisy and bigotry.

(I call the above symbol, The Utah Marriage Equality Symbol.   It strikes me as hypocritical to sanction gay marriage while discriminating against consensual adult polygamy, as the left, and most gays, currently do.  Opponents to gay marriage are at least consistent when they say "one man, one woman.")  

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