Monday, March 16, 2015

P5+1= Death to Israel

Who are the P5+1?  P5+1 refers to the six countries currently trying to remove sanctions on Iran, while trying not to appear like they're signing Israel's death warrant.  The US, China, Russia, UK, and France are the P5, or five permanent members of the UN Security Council.   Germany is the +1.  In Europe they are referred to as the EU3+3.  The EU3 are Germany, UK, and France.  The +3 are US, China, and Russia.

But no matter how you slice it, five of the P5+1 countries are in this for one reason and one reason only:  money.  All except the US are the major trading partners of Iran.  Moreover, all are experiencing economic challenges.  Lifting sanctions on Iran would be a guaranteed boost.  Do you think these countries are concerned that Iran has vowed to wipe Israel off the map and is the world's number one sponsor of terrorism?  (Remember, even in the UK, the most common name for baby boys is... Muhammad.)  

So, what are the US interests in all this? Um, there are none.   Lifting sanctions on Iran and giving them legitimacy to pursue a nuclear bomb is just something Barack Hussein Obama really, really, wants to do.  Is he concerned that it would endanger Israel with an atomic holocaust?  The only thing that might concern Obama is if his party lost some votes as a result.  But Obama knows American Jews will still vote Democrat, because they are liberals first.

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