Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ready for Hillary?

Hillary Clinton will answer questions today about why she conducted all her business as Secretary of State on a secret private email server, which apparently broke several laws and has thwarted multiple congressional investigations.   No doubt the questions will be pre-screened and the reporters all hand-picked sycophants.  Nevertheless, it will be good theatre.  But Hillary's no dummy - by controlling her own email server, she was able to destroy any evidence of corruption, malfeasance, incompetence, and criminal activity.  There is no way the Obama administration is going to pursue a criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton.  (Unless she goes all Menendez on Obama's Iran appeasment.  Not likely.) But regardless of how this latest scandal plays out, there's all the others, including the recent revelations about foreign money flowing into the Clinton Foundation and being traded for government favors.   The fact that Hillary still polls ahead of any other potential candidate for 2016 means two things:  fun times for bloggers like me, and sad times for America.

Here's my contribution to the Hillary mystique:  "NoMoreClintons.org" (Remember all those NFL ads about sexual abuse?)  Please watch this and explain to me why the Clintons should be back in the White House.  


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