Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Forget Two Americas. Try Two Universes.

John Edwards (insert laugh track here!) was famous for his Two Americas line but I believe the bigger problem is the Two Universes.  After spending some time with the extended family it occurred to me that our individual media universe is determinant of what information we recieve and without good diverse information, good decision making is impossible.  How we process that information is another matter (through our own filter, Duh!),  but I find the discrepency in what information people are seeing is disturbing in itself.  Most everyone these days has strong opinions, but most of the folks I run into have never heard of the Van Jones story, the Acorn pimp stings, the kids chanting for Obama, The Valerie Jarrett connection to the Chicago Olympic Village, let alone the Acorn connection to subprime mortgages and Obama's connections to Acorn!  And these are folks who read the New York Times daily!  They live in a Universe with an information vacuum and that can't be healthy.      

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