Friday, February 12, 2010

Where Have I Seen This Before?

So Barack Obama wants to sit down with Republicans and talk about healthcare. Thirteen months into his presidency and after shutting them out for the entire time, he wants to open a dialog. What ever happened to: “We won. Sit down. Shut up. We will clean up your mess. But we don’t want to hear from those who made the mess!”? Meanwhile, over at the House, Nancy Pelosi has announced that they are just going to bend some rules and ram the Democrat health bill into law with “reconciliation”, a ploy meant for budgeting and not major social engineering. Meanwhile in the Senate, Harry Reid has his own plan for sneaking his bill into law. This begs the question for Republicans; who is really in charge, and is there a credible partner for negotiating?

All these shenanigans remind me of what Israel goes through with the Palestinians. The Israelis make a deal with the elected leader of the Palestinians, who winks and nods to the militants, and they go and blow up a pizzeria or a bus. This cycle repeats on and on until finally the Israelis realize that there is no point in talking because no one is in charge! But they have to talk, because if they don’t, world opinion will turn on them even more than it already has for being a prosperous nation amidst all that Arab poverty. Besides, they get blown up whether they talk or not, so they might as well talk.

The Republicans, if they stay true to the Constitution and keep winning elections, will have learned a lesson that the Israelis have known for a while; Talk softly, but carry a big friggin’ stick!

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