Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Outsourced Presidency

Yesterday President Obama commented on Anthony Weiner’s 3 weeks of stunning moral depravity and offered this remarkable piece of leading-from-behind:  "if it was me, I'd resign".  But of course it’s not him, so he has effectively abdicated any leadership role and left it up to Mr. Weiner to decide his own fate.

So in Obama we have a president who has outsourced healthcare policy to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. He has outsourced financial policy to Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. He has outsourced foreign policy to the UN and the Arab League. He has outsourced the deficit to Joe Biden. He has outsourced military intelligence to the Muslim countries. He has outsourced his economic policy to the Unions and the EPA. He has outsourced our jobs to the Chinese. He has outsourced our energy policy to OPEC. He has even tried to outsource his dismal record to his predecessor.

And now he has outsourced his moral standards to Rep. Anthony Weiner. This leaves plenty of time for golf, vacations, parties, and fund raising of course.

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