Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fat Kids Should Sue!

Perhaps you've seen this headline: "Fat Kids Should Be Taken From Their Parents - Harvard Expert Says!"

There's a tragic irony in this whole obesity "epidemic":  THE GOVERNMENT TOLD US TO EAT THE WRONG STUFF!

It turns out, by the time it hits the bloodstream, a bagel equals a can of Coke.  In other words, the government has been telling parents for years to feed their kids 6-11 servings of Coke a day!  (Plus the carbs in the other categories.)   And now experts want the government to punish the parents?  For what?  Following orders?   

I think fat kids should file a class action suit.  Where is the new Dickie Scruggs

1 comment:

  1. This is partly because the government, like everyone else takes one study or research report and runs with, eager to herald the 'new truth'.

    No one follows the scientific method anymore. Independent corroboration. Multiple studies, before leaping to a firm decision.

    No, can't have that. Got to have it now, faster than now, don't let the ink dry on the page before we exalt it to all as the new "proof" that will usually be debunked in a year or so by the time corroborative studies have had time to be completed.