Friday, May 10, 2013

IRS, Guns, Speech, and Tyranny

The Obama IRS has admitted targeting conservative groups.  Yes, that really happened.  Good thing they aren't in-charge of enforcing ObamaCare.  Oh, wait...

Meanwhile, Obama has been mocking gun owners over "ginned-up" fears of tyranny and telling commencement audiences to reject voices that warn of government tyranny.  That's kind-of ironic don't you think?  
So, recapping recent events:  Obama's version of Benghazi is an exposed lie, the blamed filmmaker is still in prison for hurting no one while exercising his first amendment rights, the IRS admits targeting conservatives, and Obama is going around mocking Americans who believe governments are capable of tyranny.   That's two amendments down, eight to go in the bill of rights.  Now we have another piece of what that "fundamental transformation" Obama promised is all about!