Friday, March 14, 2014

Understanding The Modern Liberal Mind

Who amongst us has not pondered the question of what makes the other side tick?  Regardless of which side you are on, how can you not be fascinated by the fact that half the world is convinced you are insane?  And how can you tolerate the fact that in your own gene pool, half of what you hear at the Thanksgiving table comes from people who sound like morons?

Here are a couple of formidable theories which explain the modern Liberal mind:

1.  I've been hearing a lot about Evan Sayet's theory lately.  He has an excellent book, "The Kindergarden of Eden", which explains his theory.  Here is the speech that spawned the book: 

2.  Jonah Goldberg is a fave.  Here he weighs-in explaining that Liberals just want to create a society based on the one utopia they've all known - the college campus: 


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