Thursday, December 4, 2014

Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Racism

OK, now we have another case of "white cop kills unarmed black man" without an indictment.  Did the police make errors?  Most people would agree they did, especially in the Garner case. Were criminal acts committed by the police?  In both cases the only people who heard all the evidence said no.  Say what you will about whether or not justice was done, there is zero evidence that these two deaths were the result of racism.  In both cases there is evidence of resisting arrest, which means both these men would be alive today if they had obeyed the police.  Nevermind.  Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, NY Mayor Bill de Blasio, and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo are all convinced these two cases are evidence of racism on the part of the police and the judicial system.

It would be helpful for the state of NY to release the grand jury transcripts as was done in the Brown case.  But that will not change the minds of the opportunists who are committed to the racism narrative.  Anyone wondering how this could possibly happen in the age of Barack Obama, our first black president who promised to unite us, should pick up copies of Saul Alinsky's books and read them carefully.

Charging racism in these cases is political opportunism, and it's a very dangerous game.

(UPDATE:  The arrest of Eric Garner was overseen by a black female sergeant.)            

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