Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Syrian Refugee Problem - Part 1

Battle lines have been drawn on the issue of Syrian refugees.  (Whether or not the refugees are actually from Syria is beside the point.)  The questions everyone is struggling with are these:

  • Are the refugees fleeing a war?
  • Are they coming here for a better life?
  • Do we owe them a better life? 
  • Are they coming here to conquer us?  
  • Is coming here the best way for them to have a better life?
  • Can we know they are not terrorists?
  • Can we discriminate against refugees based on religion?
  • Does the West have an obligation to absorb every civil war torn population?

All good questions.  Before I answer them, please watch some Syrians sing about one of their favorite events:

I'll answer the questions in my next post - Part 2.

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