Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Is Donald Trump the Golfing Gorilla?

There's an old golf joke that goes something like this:

A guy trains a gorilla to hit a golf ball and then takes wagers claiming his gorilla can beat any golfer. Several golfers take the bet only to pull out and lose after seeing the gorilla hit the green with a 500 yard drive.  Finally, an astute pro takes the bet and stays in long enough to see the gorilla putt.  The gorilla steps up to the ball, lines up his putter, eyes his 18" putt, and WHAM...hits the ball another 500 yards!

This reminds me of Donald Trump's campaign.  He has been like the gorilla off the tee up to this point, outdriving the field of seventeen wanna-bees with his bold, brash, unapologetic, and downright nasty play.  But now he's on the green and putting for the win.  Does he have the wisdom and discipline to dial it back and act more like a seasoned pro than a Twitter addicted low-brow primate?

Donald Trump is comfortably in the lead in the delegate count at this point.  His 736 dwarfs Ted Cruz's 463.  So, what does he do?  He attacks Heidi Cruz for not being as young and hot as his wife, thus further alienating the female half of the electorate.  He continues with his Twitter rants against enemies real and imagined, thus alienating the remainder of the electorate.  And he stands by his campaign manager after he's charged with battery for grabbing a reporter, an act caught on tape, thus showing what a great and just manager he'd be as president!

Ummm...looks like he's stepping up to his putt with a driver.  Unfreaking believable...

(UPDATE: This was written BEFORE his insane abortion, nuclear weapons, and Supreme court comments!)

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