Thursday, September 22, 2016

Inner Cities, Islam, and Nuclear Physics

Can Nuclear physics teach us anything about what's going on in Charlotte, NC?  How about Islam and jihad?

Nuclear explosions occur when there are sufficient unstable atoms packed into a tight space, and then induced into a chain reaction by releasing radicalized unbound nuclear particles into that unstable mass.

Bananas are slightly radioactive, as are some rocks in your backyard.  But no matter how hard you try, you won't be able to induce a nuclear chain reaction in a banana or rock because the stable atoms that make-up the majority will prevent an explosion.

What's happening in Charlotte, and for that matter in every one of these cities that have rioted, is of two parts that exactly mirror the nuclear model.  Part one is the packing into a tight space of unstable elements.  Three generations of progressive policies in American inner cities, with federal support, have decimated the family structure.  The pathologies that result have been well documented and are irrefutable.  The local economies are weak , crime prevails, education is dismal, and single parents struggle to raise stable children.  It is a tightly packed unstable mass.

Add to that mix some radicalization.  A President who promotes radical movements in the inner city, has Al Sharpton as a top liaison, who denigrates the judicial system, who berates law enforcement, and who sees racism in every event, is a catalyst, not a stabilizing force.  Obama's DOJ actually has a unit called Community Relations Services which goes into these riot torn cities to support and organize the rioters.

Then there's social media.  In Charlotte, a rumor was circulated that the deceased man was armed with nothing but a book.  The fact that the black Police Chief said it was a gun, not a book, had no effect because the radicalization of those in the street has unbound them from reason.  Thus, a non-complying armed black belligerent who is shot by a black cop in a city with a black Police Chief becomes a racial incident.

It is the exact analogy for what has happened in the Islamic world.  Part one is Islam itself.  Not radical Islam, but plain-old everyday Islam.  Wherever Islam is dominant there is a constellation of pathologies that result:  unstable cultures, unstable economies, unstable families, and unstable individuals.  Women are treated poorly, gays are put to death, children are beaten, infidels are killed or driven out.  This is not the exception.  This is the norm under Islam.

Add to that unstable mix some radicalization by a cleric or politician,  and the jihad chain reaction takes place.

The proper response is to create stability within these unstable masses, and prevent radicalization. Easier said than done, I know.  But a good place to start might be to end the progressive stranglehold on inner city policies.  For jihad, perhaps we should throttle back on the importation of Islam into our country.  We need to stabilize these unstable masses, and turn them into bananas and rocks.

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