Friday, April 6, 2018

Why Trump is Right about Voter Fraud

Donald Trump talked about voter fraud yesterday, and like clockwork, exploding heads ensued:

"In many places, like California, the same person votes many times — you've probably heard about that," Trump said. "They always like to say 'oh that's a conspiracy theory' — not a conspiracy theory folks. Millions and millions of people."
The remarks came as Trump continued his recent focus on immigration, railing against what he sees as porous security on the U.S. southern border. He said Democrats are lax on immigration policies related to sanctuary cities and family-based "chain" migration, as he calls it, because "they think they're going to vote Democrat."

This comes on the heels of California proudly announcing the success of their program to issue driver's licenses to illegal immigrants:  

From the Sacramento Bee:    
"More than 1 million undocumented immigrants have received driver's licenses, the California Department of Motor Vehicles announced Wednesday."

Issuing driver's licenses to illegals is a perfectly reasonable response to the reality that illegals are here possibly in the tens of millions, want to drive, get in accidents, and break laws just like everyone else.

But there's a problem with issuing driver's licenses to illegals, and it proves Trump's point.  Back in the '90s the Democrats came up with a scheme to tie voter registration to driver's licenses.  The bill they came up with was dubbed the "Motor Voter" bill.

Below is a picture of Bill Clinton signing the Motor Voter bill in 1993.  The two people standing directly behind him in the green and grey respectively are Francis Fox Piven and Richard Cloward, two architects of the bill.   Cloward and Piven were radical Columbia University professors who advocated for empowering dependents to create a "redistributive" political crisis.     

And here's where we've come in the 35 years since the Motor voter bill - thirteen states have laws that allow illegals to openly obtain driver's licenses:

States that Issue Driver's Licenses to Unauthorized

Of those thirteen states, twelve of them, a whopping 92%, voted Democrat in 2016:

2106 Election Results Map

(Utah was the only state that both issues licenses to illegals and voted Republican. But Utah requests a form of ID when voting and illegals are given a different license than citizens, rendering their driver's licenses useless for voting.)

In other words, it's possible to predict a states voting pattern with over 92% accuracy based on whether or not illegals can get driver's licenses.  The same can be said about voter ID laws.  

Of the 9 states that have strict voter ID laws, 8 of them, a whopping 88%, voted Republican: 

States and Voter ID 

Of the states that both issue driver's licenses to illegals and require no voter ID, a whopping 100% of them voted Democrat!

Of course, all of this is circumstantial.  There is no way to absolutely know how many illegals are voting in the U.S. because voting is done entirely on the honor system.   When Donald Trump tried to study voter fraud with a presidential commission, it was stonewalled by the Democrat states and sued into oblivion. 

To this day, no state requires proof of citizenship to vote.  All that is required to vote in all 50 states is for a voter to self declare citizenship.   

In other words, we have up to 20 million illegals in the U.S. who failed to honor our borders, and we are counting on their honor to NOT vote illegally?  This is the insanity of questioning the existence of voter fraud.  

One final thought:  

2106 Election Map Showing Democrat Concentrations Near Border Crossings and Routes

(Hat Tip: @Military4Trump on Twitter)

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