Thursday, June 4, 2020

Fact Check: Candace Owens Nails It!

Candace Owens drops a few truth bombs, as only she can.  This is the most powerful and interesting thing I've seen since this whole sordid George Floyd affair began.  Here are the bullet points:  

  • Black society uniquely celebrates their criminal class and elevates them to martyrdom.
  • George Floyd was a member of the criminal class and is now being elevated to martyrdom.
  • Martyrdom aside, his unjust death is a separate issue, which has thus far been dealt with by the criminal justice system.
  • But the rioters don't care about the criminal justice system because they claim that his killing is part of a pattern of systemic racism by cops.  The data prove this is a false narrative, despite perceptions to the contrary.   
  • Race riots are often timed to occur every 4 years during presidential campaigns.
  • Virtue signaling white liberals will pay no price for these riots, but blacks just signed-up for 60 more years of poverty.
Watch the whole thing.  Twice.  Then share it.  This needs to be heard.
Here's the link:

[UPDATE] This video has gone mega-viral with 10s of millions of hits on numerous platforms.  And today, Rasmussen has Donald Trump polling over 40% among black voters.  (Romney got 6%) Candace's "alarm clock" is working.   

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