Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Fact Check: Why Pause The J&J Vaccine?

The news today is that the Biden administration has "paused" the J&J vaccine due to some mysterious blood clots at the rate of one in a million women.  What?  One in a million, and only for women?  So what is the rate for this particular blood clot among women in the general population without taking a vaccine?  About one in a million.  In other words, the J&J vaccine adds nothing to the risk for this particular thrombosis.

Moreover, there have been proportionately as many mysterious deaths and reactions associated with the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna.  Yet no pause there.  It's full steam ahead for Fauci's favorite jabs.  

So why the selective pause for J&J?  

Here's one possibility:  Democrats hate J&J!  To explain this, I've excerpted a piece I wrote back in 2013 on this subject titled, "Why Does Obama Hate J&J, Toyota, and Gibson Guitars So Much?":  (hint: it's about UNIONS!)

In 2011, the FDA took over three J&J/McNeil/Tylenol plants, shut one of them down, recalled a bunch of products, and started a criminal investigation claiming poor quality on several fronts (5). The infractions cited were various:  musty odors, poor quality, bacteria, imperfect doses, and dangerous containers.   Headlines were written, criminal violations alleged, reputations shot, management shuffled, mea culpas issued, fines paid, and tons of money lost to J&J.  How many people did these deficient products kill?  How many were maimed?  In all cases…none.  Yet, to this day, it is difficult to find brand named Tylenol and many other J&J products in a store in certain regions. 

This is not to say J&J products are perfect.  No company, much less a pharmaceutical company, can make that claim.  Every drug has side-effects, is prone to misuse, and has impurities.  But, J&J was severely punished for routine issues.  This all has the distinct air of a witch hunt.  Why the harsh treatment? 

J&J is one of the countries largest pharmaceutical companies and one of its most revered workplaces.  ...One reason J&J is such a great place to work is its founding ideology, and that is precisely why Obama and the unions have singled it out. 

Robert Wood Johnson, a founding member of the company, immortalized J&J’s ideology in 1943 in a document he called “Our Credo” (7).   Line two, paragraph two, of the J&J Credo states:

“Everyone must be considered as an individual.”

This is anathema, inimical, to the concept of a labor union!  A synonym for labor union is “collective bargaining agreement”.  Unions seek to be considered as a collective, not as individuals.  The J&J Credo is a symbolic existential threat to the very idea of labor unions.  Considering J&J’s perch at the top of the prestigious pharmaceutical industry and their reputation as one of the best places to work, it is easy to see how they were a threat to unions.

...No company could endure the scrutiny of the FDA when determined to find things like bacteria (which is everywhere), and odors (which are everywhere).  Whole J&J plants have been shuttered for such nebulous infractions.

Today, J&J does employ some union workers.  Unionization at J&J runs about 5%.  Therefore, 95% of J&J workers are still non-union

...Side bar:  In the 1980s, seven people died after ingesting cyanide tainted Tylenol.  The case was never solved, but the investigation did narrow the source of the cyanide to the Tylenol distribution network around Chicago.  Chicago in the 1980s would have been the perfect place if a union had wanted to frame a corporate enemy with poisonings and get away with it.  Organized crime and organized labor controlled everything including local law enforcement and politicians.  (Not sure much has changed.)  Moreover, unions in Chicago had control of the packaging and distribution of Tylenol.  Tylenol was shipped from J&J’s plants in bulk containers to independently owned distribution centers where it was put into capsules, then into jars, and finally boxed and shipped to retailers.  The cyanide was introduced somewhere in that union distribution network (9).

One person, James Lewis, was convicted for extortion related to the Tylenol case and is still considered a suspect, but he has never been charged.  Following the murders, J&J took their packaging away from the independent contractors and the unions and began doing it in-house.  Unions may have had nothing to do with those murders, but they did have the means, the motive, and the opportunity.

Democrats and unions have been targeting J&J for decades because of their "Credo" and low rate of unionization.  This latest hit from team Biden is just more of the same.  

But there's one other element today:  J&J was the only authorized non-mRNA vaccine in the U.S.  With them out of the picture, mRNA vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer now have a monopoly.  As I've pointed out previously in this blog, Dr. Anthony Fauci's team at NIAID co-owns the patent on mRNA vaccines.  Fauci's team now has a monopoly on a product that is basically mandatory.  Just think for a moment of the profit potential in that...

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