Saturday, November 3, 2012

Barack Obama – Master of Disinformation

Win or lose, Barack Obama has been a master of disinformation.  If you are incredulous at that assertion, you are by definition an accomplice.  Sorry to be so blunt.  

In the interest of time, mine and yours, I’m limiting this to just two issues, one for domestic affairs, and one for international affairs.  Herewith, my case:

Domestic – The crown jewel of Barack Obama’s disinformation campaign has been blaming the 2008 financial crisis on anyone but himself and his fellow redistributionists.  The fact is, the financial crisis was the direct result of a redistributionist scheme to provide mortgages to anyone regardless of ability to pay.  This began in earnest under Bill Clinton and was nearly reigned-in by responsible Republicans under George W Bush.  Who stopped them?  Among them a junior Senator from Illinois named Barack Obama, who had spent the last decade advocating for this very scheme, first as a Community Organizer, next as a State Senator, then as a US Senator, and finally as President.  

All the risk from this redistribution was supposed to be assumed by wealthy taxpayers via the Federal Government in the form of two government agencies initialed FNMA (Fannie Mae) and FHLMC (Freddie Mac).  No government official took more money from these two and at a faster rate than the junior Senator from Illinois named Barack Obama.  His closest competitors in that money grab included Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Hillary Clinton.

Unfortunately, when the scheme went bad, the damage spread unintentionally to the private banking and investment sector, bringing the entire global financial system to its knees.

The disinformation on this has continued during the campaign in the form of compulsive references to Mitt Romney and Republicans wanting to “bring back the very policies which got us into this mess in the first place”.   The level of delusion required to say this and believe this is beyond comprehension.  Then again, that is the goal of any disinformation campaign.   This has been a classic case of the arsonist returning to the fire as a fireman and claiming he’s here to fix the mess started by that other guy, the arsonist. 
International – The disinformation campaign on international matters has been extraordinarily successful.  Until Benghazi, that is.  It’s hard to argue that Barack Obama is not responsible for Osama bin Laden’s death, but he’s demonstrably not.  Facts are facts and Obama was the President at the time, hence history will credit him with bin Laden’s death.  But history is full of disinformation. 

It took ten long years to capture high-value terrorists, interrogate them, gather the intelligence, follow the leads, pinpoint bin Laden’s whereabouts, and finally pull off the successful Seal Team Six raid.  Every single aspect of that effort was opposed by Barack Obama and every shred of intelligence which led to bin Laden’s demise originated prior to Obama’s presidency.

·    Obama opposed capturing terrorists at all, and still does.  That’s why anyone suspected of being a terrorist is executed via drone (along with their immediate family if they are nearby).  Virtually no non-domestic terrorists have been captured since Obama became President.  This is a disaster from an intelligence standpoint.  That’s part of the reason al-Qaeda can be openly flying flags in Benghazi, and every single government except ours does the math and gets out.  Not only did we stay, we failed to provide adequate security in the wake of that intelligence vacuum. 
·   Obama opposed Guantanamo Bay and military tribunals for terrorists.  This has been a deadly disaster of a policy.  Obama, both as Senator and President, has advocated for the release of dangerous terrorists from Gitmo in order to eventually close it and avoid the messy trials.  That’s how the leader of the Benghazi attack got released from Gitmo and sent back to Libya while Obama was advocating for these very policies from the Senate.  The pressure to do this came almost exclusively from Obama’s party.  
·   Obama opposed interrogating terrorists.  There has been no effective questioning of terrorists, harsh or otherwise, under Obama.  Again, no new intelligence. 
·   Obama opposed wiretapping terrorists.  (As President, he has quietly allowed some wiretaps, but his rhetoric has always been at odd with this.) 
·   Obama is no friend of the Military or the Intelligence branches.  The military and intelligence services got bin Laden with no support from Obama.  In fact, up until a month ago, the Obama Administration was actively seeking a lawsuit against the interrogators who got the intelligence which led to bin Laden.  Obama was actually suing the very CIA people who were responsible for getting bin Laden!  

These were all the elements that found and eventually got the al-Qaeda leader responsible for murdering thousands on 9/11.  Obama opposed every single element of that effort, yet he has taken credit for all of it.  Again, the arsonist takes credit for putting out the fire.    

I could go on and on citing cases of gross attempts to deceive the public through disinformation from the Obama Administration.  Books will be written.  Some already have.   But my point here is to address the voters before Tuesday Nov, 6th:  you either understand the above by now, or you don’t, and are a willing accomplice.