Friday, August 30, 2013

This Is So Convenient! (Xtranormal's Demise)

(updated 4/17/14)
The last time Barack Obama wanted to go to war without congress in support of al Qaeda and others, I made a cartoon video which got nearly a million hits.   The software I used was called Xtranormal, and if you've seen funny cartoons about Quantitative Easing (The Bernank), buying an iPhone, and countless others, you've seen what it can do.  Unfortunately, Xtranormal is no more.  They mysteriously shut their doors on July 31st, 2013.  All you see if you go there now is a big "pause" button: (Now even that's gone!)

Xtranormal was one of the few places where the first amendment could be leveraged with the latest entertainment technology.  It was truly the most powerful democratization of freedom of the press since Gutenberg and the blogosphere.  Xtranormal "blogtooning", as I called it, was a way for any schnook with a computer and some patience to create the kind of engaging entertainment content previously available only to those with a huge budget, manpower, and time.

Xtranormal has said nothing about why it closed down, when it may re-emerge, or what the future holds.  All we can do is speculate.  As for me, I find it disturbing that one of the most powerful and innovative tools ever devised for democratizing free speech is currently unavailable.

I have since learned that Xtranormal ceased operations due to a lack of profitability.  The assets and intellectual property of Xtranormal have been bought, as of April 2014, and there may be a second act after all.  The new owner is at, where you can get the latest news.)    

Since I cannot make a new Xtranormal video about Syria and the mind-blowing hypocrisy which is Obama's MO, here is the one I made about Libya which went viral.  (Just exchange the word Libya with Syria and it should suffice!)

Below that is one I made right before Xtranormal shut down in July 2013, which anticipates a Syria intervention!


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