Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Obama vs. Christians

[VIDEO 22 seconds  - Obama and David Cameron on whether their countries are Christian.  Cameron's comment was from this Easter.]

Yesterday, Barack Hussein Obama, peace be upon him, chose an Easter prayer breakfast as an opportunity to berate Christians for their "less than loving" expressions, presumably in response to the reluctance of some Christians to perform services which contradict their faith.  Adhering to religious beliefs is somehow "less than loving" in Obama's world, at least when it comes to Christians.

When it comes to Muslims rampaging across the globe mass-murdering Christians (among other infidels), Barack Hussein Obama, peace be upon him, cannot even name the "less than loving" religion they are acting in the name of.  Moreover, he chooses to ignore the fact that the murdered victims were targeted because they were Christians (or Jews, or infidels) preferring to refer to them by the generic "folks", or "citizens", or simply ignoring the massacres altogether.

Have you ever heard Barack Hussein Obama, peace be upon him, berate jihadist Muslims in a manner commensurate with their evil?  Or with even close to the disdain he shows for Christians? No, instead he berates Christians for the Crusades!

None of this matters to the majority of nominal Christians who voted for Barack Hussein Obama, peace be upon him.  In this they are much like their Judeo-Christian coreligionists the Jews, who have a habit of ignoring danger until it's far too late.

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