Thursday, November 3, 2016

Dear Democrats...

Dear Democrats,

Regardless of who we elect on Tuesday, this country is Humpty Dumpty...after the fall.   If you've been paying attention to the leaks gushing out of Washington just these last few days, you've become aware of gross corruption and malfeasance on the part of your party and candidate the likes of which have never been seen before. Meanwhile, the only alternative is in your eyes so deeply flawed that should he win, you will consider him illegitimate from day one.  As a country, we will be in pieces regardless.  Neither King Donald nor Queen Hillary, with all their horses and all their men, can ever put Humpty together again.

What we are witnessing is nothing short of the de-legitimization of the United States government, a condition that is unsustainable in a republic.   Since the founding of our country the losing side in Presidential elections always had a reasonable expectation that they would continue to be treated equally under the law.  That ship has sailed for huge segments of the population.

The danger of this is incalculable.  So, as we lie bleeding (figuratively) in the street, a nation torn apart, descending into perhaps permanent dissolution, I'd like to review some recent and illuminating history:

Richard Nixon, a Republican, resigned the presidency in the summer of 1974 under a cloud of scandal in what became known as Watergate.  The reason Nixon eventually resigned was that, despite his instinct to lie, deny, and run-out-the-clock, the "grey-beards" in his own party recognized his mendacity and showed him the door.

Shortly thereafter, today's Democrat party elders including the Clintons and Obamas were studiously absorbing a short book by Saul Alinsky called "Rules for Radicals".  It's a title which explains all you need to know about its contents.  "Rules for Radicals" accomplished two important things for the Democrats.  On a strategic level, it explained how "community organizers" could organize the unwitting masses into a radicalized army.  On a tactical level, it explained how to use that army to achieve radical redistributive ends.

Thus, when Bill Clinton's ship similarly ran aground on the shoals of numerous scandals - Whitewater, cattle futures, Rose Law Firm, FBI Filegate, Travelgate, Vince Foster, Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willy, Juanita Broaddrick, impeachment, disbarment, etc. -  there was an organized radicalized army to keep him afloat.  There were no "grey-beards" in the Democrat Party to show him the door.  They'd all been radicalized. The entire Democrat party, which includes just about everyone in pop-media, pop-culture, and academia, circled the wagons and went into full lie and deny mode.  Bill Clinton not only survived, he left office with a 65% approval rating.

But for Bill Clinton to succeed, the entire body of the Democrat party had to sell its soul. They all had to become radical accomplices.   It was an amazing thing to watch.

After Bill Clinton's success, the radicalization of the Democrat party only accelerated.  Thus, the hapless George W. Bush, inheriting two remnants of the Bill Clinton years - Osama bin Laden and subprime mortgages - ended up getting tarred by both.  Radicalized Democrats succeeded in turning Bush into a lying killer (Bush lied, people died!) who crashed the U.S. financial system.  (Before you get too excited, yes, Bush was the President during the financial collapse, but it was Bill Clinton who created the subprime mortgage industry as a radical redistribution scheme to benefit Democrat constituents.  See Clinton's changes to The Community Reinvestment Act and his "affordable housing" initiative.)  Bush left office with a dismal 35% approval rating.

Enter "Rules for Radicals" finest student, most committed acolyte, and our first "community organizer" President,  Barack Hussein Obama.  In Obama the radicalization of the Democrat party reached its apex.  Not only would he have the radicalized army Bill Clinton had, but he also had the imprimatur of being the historical first black president.  Barack Obama was untouchable and governed as a radical accordingly.  

Thus, Obamacare, which re-wrote one-sixth of the U.S. economy, was passed without a single Republican vote.  The IRS selectively targets conservatives with impunity.  Non-union and conservative-owned companies are openly persecuted by an alphabet soup of federal agencies. Conservative filmmakers are jailed, audited and harassed. $14.5 trillion dollars (new debt plus Fed) has been borrowed and given to Democrat constituents. Our borders are open to anyone willing to vote Democrat. Islamic terrorism is now routine.  Cops are being assassinated in the street at a historical rate.  Inner-city riots are routine.  The DOJ is openly politicized.  Our Defense Dept. is stretched thin and neglected.  And our U.S. Constitution lies in tatters.

And the Democrat Party cheered all this on.  But now, thanks to the leaks coming out of Washington, you are seeing firsthand the corruption and malfeasance you now own.  Unfortunately you created a situation with no good options this time around.

You see, Donald Trump is a natural response to the radicalization of the Democrat Party. For decades, Republicans stood by and watched gentleman Republicans like the two Bushs, John McCain, and Mitt Romney get chewed-up and spit-out by your radicalized army.  They've had enough.  So, this time the GOP broke tradition and nominated a radical of their own.

Now we are stuck with two horrible choices next Tuesday, and for at least the next four years the "consent of the governed", an essential ingredient for the legitimacy of any government, will be largely absent.  We will be in uncharted waters for the first time since 1860.

Vladimir Lenin referred to the radicalized unwitting dupes as "useful idiots".  With all due respect Democrats, this is you.  And this election with all its tawdry stink, is entirely of your own doing.

Now, get off my lawn.    





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