Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Real People Who Hacked Our Elections [UPDATED]

According to a new report by The Public Interest Legal Foundation, thousands of illegal votes have been found in Virginia .  This was over a period of many years based simply on non-citizens self-reporting.  These illegal votes were not found by any government agency, but rather by a private foundation looking into illegal voters who inconsistently answered citizenship questions.

This is significant because we've been told voter fraud doesn't exist.

(UPDATE: For a full rundown of complete up-to-date voter fraud convictions, news, and allegations, click here:

The reason voter fraud evidence is so elusive is because Democrats have vigorously fought any attempt to find it, track it, measure it, prosecute it, or prevent it.  According to the new report, Virginia officials, all the way up to Governor Terry McAuliffe, vigorously tried to keep this information from seeing the light of day.   

The statistics are overwhelming:  States that encourage voter fraud vote Democrat, and states that aim for integrity vote Republican.    

Voter ID laws are strict in only nine states of which Hillary Clinton won only one, Virginia.  All the other strict ID states voted for Trump.

Of the states that allow illegals to obtain driver's licenses, Hillary Clinton won every one of the thirteen except one, Utah.  The only reason Utah was an exception is that while they do issue licenses to illegals, it is a distinct license and Utah requests ID to vote.

Virginia is the only state Hillary won that is both strict on IDs and not one of the states that issues driver's licenses to illegals.  In other words, those thousands of illegal votes were from greencard non-citizens or illegal immigrants.  Of course, the only check on a voter's status as a citizen is...well, there is none.    

2106 Election Results Map

          States that Issue Driver's Licenses to Unauthorized

States and Voter ID 

2106 Election Map Showing Democrat Concentrations Near Border Crossings and Routes

(Hat Tip: @Military4Trump on Twitter)

The above maps are not coincidences. Democrats have been on a decades long mission to encourage unauthorized immigrants to come here, and once here, be given loopholes to vote. The reason is simple; they overwhelmingly vote Democrat. 

To further this along, Democrat President Bill Clinton signed a law in 1993 known as the Motor Voter Bill, which basically automated voter registration for anyone applying for a driver's license or other government benefit.  That makes it extremely possible for illegals to wind-up as registered voters, despite assertions to the contrary, in the 13 states that issue licenses to illegals.  Motor Voter is how Virginia ended up with thousands of non-citizens on their roles.    

Here's a picture of Bill Clinton signing the Motor Voter bill.  Notice the two people standing directly behind him?  They are Francis Fox Piven and  Richard Cloward, in the green and grey respectively, two radical Columbia University professors who advocated collapsing the U.S. by overloading it with dependents and immigrants.

And here is Barack Obama, who studied at Columbia University while Cloward and Piven held court there, answering  a question with only one correct answer.  The question is essentially, "should illegals be afraid to vote?" His answer should have been, "they shouldn't vote because it's illegal". That's not what he says though.

Link: HERE

So, how many illegals and non-citizens voted? There is absolutely no way to know because by Democrat design voting is done on the honor system.  No citizenship records are kept and no electronic records are kept relating to who actually voted.  That leaves only maps and circumstantial evidence like above, or non-citizens self-reporting like in Virginia.

Donald Trump has a point when he says voter fraud ought to be investigated.  He must work to ensure integrity in our voting system.  This is a minimum requirement for a Democracy.

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