Sunday, December 29, 2019

Fact Check: Why Attacks on Jews are Increasing

Violent and deadly anti-Jewish attacks appear to be on the rise.  Six were killed in NJ a couple of weeks ago and several were attacked by machete in NY just days ago.  And there have been waves of smaller attacks in recent weeks throughout NYC.

Luckily, CNN is on the case:

What are the other possibilities when someone attacks a Jew and yells, "Fuck you, Jew!"?

A striking number of these violent attacks were committed by Black people.  This is significant because a number of prominent Democrat people-of-color are vehemently anti-Jewish and anti-Israel.  Among them:

Louis Farrakhan
Al Sharpton
Jesse Jackson
Keith Ellison
Ilhan Omar
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
Marc Lamont Hill
Tamika Mallory
Alice Walker
Angela Davis
Ayanna Pressley
Linda Sarsour

Most prominent among them is of course, Louis Farrakhan, who is unparalleled in his open hatred of Jews.   Which raises the question, what has the response been by other prominent Democrats to all this Jew hatred?  Has Barack Obama weighed-in?  How about Chuck Schumer?  How about Nancy Pelosi?  How about the Democrats running for President?   

To answer this question I did some research and compiled a list of all the prominent Democrats who have specifically and unequivocally addressed these haters by name.  I found all the leaders who were brave enough to say something other than the generic cliches and who volunteered to do so before being prompted. 

Below is a PDF of the completed list.

They all deserve high praise for boldly standing-up and risking support from the Black, Hispanic, and Muslim communities.  Thanks to Democrat leaders like them, the increase in attacks on Jews will not last.  

And remember, Barack Obama was the most anti-Semitic President in history.

(I avoid using the term "anti-Semitic" because Arabs are technically Semites too.  Many Jew-haters are themselves Semites, or are allied with the Arabs, as was Hitler.  It is an extremely inaccurate term.  But when the original source material uses it, I abide.) 

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