Sunday, January 19, 2020

A Bird-Dogging Sequel in Richmond, Virginia?

Here we go again.  The Democrat party (and Hollywood, but I repeat myself) loves a sequel, so tomorrow they are attempting to stage Charlottesville II in Richmond, VA hoping to stir up violence and make some juicy headlines.  This time the plot centers around the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms.  In other words, a Charlottesville sequel with guns.  I hope the Democrats fail this time, because unlike in the movies, real lives are at stake in these live-action agitation-propaganda events.
Let's review what happened at Charlottesville I, the original.  It started as a protest over removing a statue of Robert E Lee, and ended with a bunch of white-supremacists marching at night with tiki torches.  A woman was killed when one of the marchers drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters.

In the wake of that event it became apparent that much of it was quite possibly stage managed by Democrat operatives.  Sounds like a conspiracy theory, right?  Well, don't take my word for it, watch the video below and hear Democrat operatives in their own words.

James O'Keefe's Project Veritas video exposed Democrat operatives like Bob Creamer as they revealed the tactics they use to stir up violence and trouble.  According to them, they train massive numbers of operatives, union guys who will do anything they ask, in tactics like direct-action, bird-dogging, conflict-engagement, and how to create anarchy, all of which are designed to produce exactly what happened in Charlottesville.

Democrat operative fingerprints were all over Charlottesville:

The organizer of the white-supremacist march was a Democrat Obama supporter and an Occupy Wall Street organizer named Jason Kessler.

The Governor, Mayor, and Chief of Police were all activist Democrats.

The Democrat Mayor had declared that Charlottesville would be a "capital of resistance" to Trump's Presidency.  He also worked with John Podesta at The Center for American Progress (CAP).  CAP is a bridge organizations between the official DNC and the dark-arts operatives like those caught on camera below.  John Podesta founded CAP, ran the the Hillary Clinton campaign, and ran the Clinton Foundation.  The Governor of VA was Terry McAuliffe, also an activist Democrat, big Clinton loyalist, and top money man to both Bill and Hillary.

The activist Mayor deliberately had his police herd the marchers and counter-protesters onto a collision course for maximum conflict-engagement. He then ordered his police to stand-down to allow maximum anarchy.

Meanwhile, the white-supremacists actually marched with tiki torches!  Can you write a Hollywood script with a better visual than that?  But no one in the mainstream media bothered to look into Mr. Kessler's past.  They had their narrative and their visual.  Case closed.

So how could these choreographed operations happen right under the media's nose without them realizing it?  First, they aren't looking.  And second, as revealed in the third clip below, these operations are deliberately disguised to never be traceable back to Democrat operatives.

The sequel is scheduled to take place tomorrow in Richmond, VA.  This time it's about guns, not a statue.  The new Democrat Governor,  Ralph Northam, provided the set-up by bird-dogging second amendment supporters with 9 new radical unconstitutional anti-gun laws.  What could possibly go wrong?   


Here are the Democrat operatives explaining their tactics to James O'Keefe's hidden camera.  If you have the time to watch the whole sixteen minute video, I've embedded it below.  If not, here are some links that begin at the appropriate segments:

Conflict Engagement and Creating Anarchy
Trained Agitators in Massive Numbers
Disguised to Look Like Ordinary People
Our Union Guys will do Whatever We Want
Importance of Media
Using "Trump Is A Nazi"
Bird Dogging
Bob Creamer is Diabolical

Watch the whole video:

Perhaps the biggest political fallout from Charlottesville was the fake narrative that Donald Trump had praised white-supremacists as "fine people".  Joe Biden launched his Presidential campaign using that false claim.  Trump's "fine people" comment specifically addressed the statue supporters, not the white-supremacist tiki torch marchers.  If you don't know that, and I'd wager most people don't, then
here's a full debunking:  Trump didn't call Neo-Nazis "fine people".  Here's proof.

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