Monday, June 13, 2016

Could Orlando have been prevented? II

And if your response is something like, "It's all about guns and Obama HAS been laser focused on gun."  I've got one word for you: Paris, where they have some of the strictest gun laws in the world.  

This particular islamic jihadist was licensed, not just to own guns, but to use them as a government contractor for Obama's DHS (Department of Homeland Security).  That, despite twice being investigated by Obama's FBI as a possible terrorist.   Obama's government knew he was a terror threat and still allowed him to own guns and work as a DHS contractor.  Let that sink in. 

Here's the deal:  The Holocaust was not due to gas chambers and boxcars. 9/11 was not due to box cutters and jet fuel. The Murrow Bldg. was not due to fertilizer and Ryder trucks. And Orlando was not due to an AR-15. In a world of absolute moral equivalence and political correctness it is forbidden, in an Orwellian sense, to judge because to judge is to discriminate and to discriminate is wrong. Thus we cannot see politically protected ideologies as a source of evil, and so must focus on objects and material things.  It's not the ideology you see, it's the tool used.  This is delusional and suicidal.

The salafist islamic jihad ideology is the problem and Obama is either oblivious or sympathetic.  As Leon Trotsky said, "You may not be interested in war, but war may be interested in you." Eight years of cooperation with this ideology will have to be reckoned with at some point.      

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