Tuesday, June 21, 2016

We are all _________ Now

Why did  ______ replace Allah with _____?  Why did they redact all references to ____?  As others have pointed out, replacing words they don't like with words they prefer is not redacting.  It's lying. It reminds me of when Winston Smith in ____ sees proof of the ________ being fed to the _____.  This is that moment.   

So let's all start _________.   If all bloggers, journalists, writers, ___, started _________,  maybe we could call attention to the activities of the Ministry of _____ in the _____ administration.  Look, we all know who the top ________ is.  It is obviously ______ himself.  But make no mistake, as ____ is my witness, if everyone ________ from now on, and put the "we" in Orwell, mountains could be _____.

Embrace the _____.  See the _____.  Be the  _____.  

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