Thursday, August 1, 2019

Fact Check: The Truth About Special Counsel Robert Mueller

“It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.”
Often attributed to Mark Twain who said similar things, but apparently not this exact quote.

If you asked anyone who consumed news over the last two years, they would all agree with metaphysical certainty on several key facts:

  1. There was a Special Counsel investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election
  2. The Special Counsel’s office was led by a man named Robert Mueller
  3. Robert Mueller was among the most competent, honest, and non-partisan men in America
  4. In Robert Mueller’s America you are innocent until proven guilty and no one is above the law
We knew these facts to be true because regardless what media we consumed, there was an overwhelming consensus. It didn’t matter if you got your news from NPR, CNN, Fox, NYT, WaPo, HuffPo, NYPo, NBC, ABC, WSJ…well you get the idea. Everyone agreed. There were no dissenters.

Except, none of it was true. Thanks to Mueller's testimony last week we learned the truth:

  1. “Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election” was the title of the final product, yet when asked directly several times about Russian interference in the 2016 election, Robert Mueller responded, “That's beyond my purview”. How could Russian interference be beyond his purview? In truth, Russian interference WAS beyond his purview when it reflected negatively on Democrats. The entire Special Counsel exercise was a hit job on Donald Trump and should have been titled accordingly.
  2. If there is one thing we learned from Robert Mueller’s testimony, he had almost nothing to do with the report with his name on it. He certainly didn’t lead the investigation and probably never read the report. As was painfully apparent, Robert Mueller knew almost nothing about “The Mueller Report”.
  3. Robert Mueller may have been competent, honest, and non-partisan at some point in his life, but that ship sailed long ago. How could a competent, honest, non-partisan person allow his name to be associated with a partisan hit job that he knew almost nothing about?
  4. According to the formerly competent, honest, and non-partisan Robert Mueller, innocent until proven guilty does not apply to Donald Trump. The laws protecting the accused are not for him. Far from above the law, Donald Trump is beneath the law. Above the law are all Democrat miscreants, including those who ran a coup d’etat against the President. One of them, Hillary Clinton, was actually accused of breaking several laws by a Democrat FBI, but in an unprecedented move they exonerated her.  So Republicans are beneath the law and Democrats are above it.  Republicans are guilty until proven innocent and Democrats are innocent despite proof of guilt. Got that?
If everything we knew with 100% certainty the last two years was wrong, what other propaganda has gotten through? What else is consensus BS? What else do we know for sure that just ain’t so? Here’re just a few I’ve covered on this blog:

Manmade Global Warming
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Donald Trump’s temperament
Barack Obama’s scandal free administration & here too
Socialism is awesome
The causes of the health care crisis
Common news myths
Progressive taxation is awesome
Our Two Party System

I’m sure you can name others.

Do you notice that all those busted myths serve to promote a certain agenda? Why is that? Who’s controlling what you think you know?

Question everything. Because the stuff you know that ain’t so is all designed to further a totalitarian agenda.

(I’ll explain in a subsequent post why the dichotomy in U.S. politics is NOT Dem vs Rep, or liberal vs conservative, or left vs right. It is actually totalitarian vs limitarian. You read that right; limitarian NOT libertarian. Again, I’ll flesh this out soon…)

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