Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Fact Check: Predictions are Hard. Especially about the Future.

As the sun rises on election day 2022, here are some bold predictions.  And some explanations:

Yes, there will be a red wave in the House. Nothing can stop that from happening.  But the Senate is another story.  Statewide races are much easier to steal, and that's what will happen. There's just too much at stake.  And the cost of stealing elections is zero.  

No one is in prison for election fraud in America.  Several hundred, however, are in prison for pointing it out.  Two of the most prominent voices, Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, just spent a week in solitary confinement for making a movie, "2000 Mules", about one small piece of the election fraud in 2020.  They were finally released after the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals found no basis for their imprisonment.

Anytime the upside of cheating is measured in trillion$ and the downside is measured in zero$, there will be fraud.  But it goes much deeper.  A Republican Senate would mean that the entire corrupt Democrat machine could be exposed.  Not that a Democrat DOJ will do anything about it, but public hearings will be embarrassing.  The Biden family corruption, the lab-leak cover-up, the election fraud in 2020, the vaccine fraud, the early treatment hoaxes, the spying on Trump, CIA and FBI corruption, Jeffrey Epstein's codefendants, etc., all of it will be center stage.  And impeachments are tried in the Senate.  

Then there is the Supreme Court. Democrats have shown repeatedly they will resort to depraved measures to keep control of the high court.  Why would stealing elections be off the table if publicly smearing Brett Kavanaugh as a serial rapist was not? The path to the Court goes through the Senate.  Sure, let the people have the House, but the Senate must stay with The Party.  This is not negotiable.

I predict there will be a huge discrepancy between the House red wave momentum and the Senate's.  This will come from the same Democrat strongholds that went statistically whacko for Biden in 2020.  The reasons will be the same: ballot stuffing, ballot harvesting, software anomalies, mysterious delays, no voter ID, no signature verification, one-party ballot adjudication, no chain of custody, no citizenship requirement, no ability to audit, no way to reconcile envelopes and ballots, no bi-partisan observers, courts unwilling to get involved, and massive intimidation by the civil rights division of the politicized DOJ.

By the way, you can always tell who the election fraud phonies are.  When they win, it's always the cleanest election in history.  But when they lose it's crooked from top to bottom.  As for me, I've been writing about election fraud for several cycles, both win and lose.  (see links at the end)    

One other prediction: if Democrats fail to steal the Senate, there will be riots.

Now for some explanations: 

The first thing to know about politics in America is that Calvin Coolidge is dead; the business of America is...government.  We crossed the rubicon about a half century ago.  Government is now so big it essentially elects itself.  

In 1910, Total Govt Spending was under 10% of National Income.  Today it is well over 100%.  That's only possible through massive borrowing and printing, and it's why we have such high inflation.  Government has taken over. (Total Govt Spending includes federal, state, local, and The Federal Reserve)

So what, who cares if government takes over?  It's a Democracy and that's what the people want, right?  The problem is, we have become a one party country.  Yes, I know it doesn't seem like it, but it's true.  The Democrats, aka the party of government, have ruled Washington for the last 112 years.  Yes, there have been Republican presidents and congresses, but the last time the GOP had a super majority in the senate was 1910.  You need a super majority in the senate to be in full control.  Democrats have had super majorities for about 15 of the last 112 years.  But the way it works in the senate, things lean even more to the Democrats.  For the entirety of that 112 year span, Democrats have had the power to blast the Republican agenda to bits through the filibuster!  

The result of Democrat control in Washington has been the unchecked growth of government in the last 112 years.  Government is now so big it self-perpetuates.  

So how can this election be leaning GOP?  The answer is that people vote according to their sensitivity to incompetent government.  When times are good people feel insulated from reckless government, and will trade freedom for perceived security.  When times are bad, they feel the trade is no longer worth it. The more exposed you are to bad government, the more you will vote with the party of limited government.  

To be clear; Republicans as a group are no better at governing than Democrats, but they do adhere more to our founding principles of limited government.  In bad times, with incompetent government, less is better.

And there are several issues currently signaling bad times: food, energy, crime, education, and war.  Food and energy are tied in with inflation which is squeezing American budgets and raising interest rates.  Crime is unchecked in Democrat strongholds where the police have been sidelined and the courts neutered.  We are fighting a futile and deadly proxy war with Russia in Ukraine.  And education is a mess since many governors and teachers unions closed schools and forced kids to stay home.

These issues have flipped many suburban women who turned out for Joe Biden.  They're also flipping minority voters who have always voted for the party of big government.

And if you want to know why election fraud is all of a sudden a big issue in America, it's because Democrats used the courts to change the way we do elections.  This was largely illegal because it bypassed the state legislatures that are constitutionally in charge of elections.  And, this effort preceded the pandemic by years.  It had nothing to do with covid!  But it got a huge boost when members of both parties got cold feet over in-person voting.  

Here's a summary of what happened in the lead-up to 2020:  


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(Hat tip to Yogi Berra for the title of this piece.)




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