Sunday, May 21, 2023

Fact Check: Durham Was a Coverup

The Durham Report dropped last week, conveniently AFTER the statute of limitations expired on any crimes committed by the Democrat perpetrators.  The perps include Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and just about every member of the IC in the Obama and Biden administrations.  None can be charged, indicted, or held accountable due to the 5 year statute.  This was the purpose of the Durham affair; to run out the clock and tie it all up in an "investigation".  

I wrote about this Coup d'Etat 6 years ago and tied it back to Perkins Coie, the preferred Democrat lawfare front.  Here's what I wrote in October of 2017.  (Note the last 3 items on the list.  The Russia/Ukraine war was part of the plan!):    

Almost everything that has happened in the last two years to damage Donald Trump stemmed from the infamous "dossier".  You remember, the one that triggered the whole Trump/Russia/Collusion meme?  Now we know it was a Hillary Clinton / DNC concoction.  According to The Washington Post, Marc Elias, counsel to the Clinton's and the DNC, paid for the "dossier".  It was then used as the basis for the investigations of the Trump campaign and transition by Barack Obama and his entire intelligence apparatus.  Barack Obama, John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, et al all used a phony concocted dossier as their basis for wiretapping, unmasking, investigating, and sabotaging the Trump campaign and administration.

It was a conspiracy and a full-blown coup d'etat led by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  Here's a partial list of the events that have stemmed from the dirty "dossier":

The whole Russia/Collusion/Trump meme
FISA warrants for Trump associates
Massive (illegal) unmasking of private citizens
Firing of Mike Flynn, Paul Manafort, and others
Recusal of Jeff Sessions
The firing of James Comey
Appointment of Independent Counsel Robert Mueller by Rod Rosenstein
Buy-in from Obama's entire Intelligence Community, CIA, NSA, FBI, etc.
Ongoing Senate and House investigations
Stalling of the Trump agenda in Congress
Calls for Trump's impeachment
Calls for war on Russia
Expelling of Russian diplomats
U.S. Troops deployed near Russia by Obama

The other part of all this, of course, was the assessment that the DNC and John Podesta email hacks were the work of the Russians and Vladimir Putin himself.  This assessment came from none other than the Obama FBI under James Comey.  But the FBI famously didn't do their own assessment because the DNC refused them access to their servers.  The assessment came instead from a private company called Crowdstrike.  Crowdstrike is a Google funded company, and Google parent chairman Eric Schmidt was a key player on the Hillary Clinton campaign

Andrew McCarthy at National Review notes that the same law firm that funded the dossier also retained Crowdstrike.  And all of it was conveniently done behind a wall of attorney client privilege.  What are the odds this same firm is involved in Uranium One

This all looks like corruption and abuse of power unprecedented in our lifetimes.  Not funny. 

[UPDATE]  As suspected, Perkins Coie, the law firm involved in the dossier and Crowdstrike, is also involved in Uranium One.  At a minimum, Uranium One's trademark was handled by Perkins Coie

This is who is listed as "Correspondent" for the trademark:
1201 3RD AVE STE 4900 
SEATTLE WA 98101-3099

Indeed, all roads lead to Perkins Coie when it comes to Clinton/Obama/Democrat/Russia collusion.     

Friday, March 17, 2023

Fact Check: Why Are Whales Beaching in NJ?

As you may have heard, several whales have recently beached themselves in and around NJ.  Experts are baffled by this trend.  We like whales.  They're awesome.  So we want to know why this is happening.

One theory is that this is related to wind farm construction.  The claim is that high tech sonar is being used to prepare for large scale proposed wind farms off the NJ coast.  According to this theory, sonar is disorienting the whales and they are beaching themselves, or surfacing and getting hit by ships.  

This makes a certain amount of sense since whales are known to use a type of sonar to "see" in deep water, find prey, and communicate.  They are also known to flee from some kinds of manmade sonar.        

On the other hand, beached whales have been happening for all of recorded history!  Sometimes they occur for observable reasons: disease, starvation, injury, old age.  But mostly the reasons are unknown.   

The question is, are these recent strandings (beachings) part of the normal background, are they possibly due to sonar, or are they spiking because of something else?   

I believe it's the sun!

No, I'm not suggesting whales are sunning themselves on the beaches of NJ.  I am, however, suggesting that whales are being disoriented due to solar magnetic activity and geomagnetic storms.

Here's the gist of it:  Whales use the Earth's magnetic field to navigate long distances.  At least that's the current thinking.  Meanwhile, the sun has a powerful and dynamic influence on Earth's magnetic field.  There seems to be a correlation between solar magnetic influence and whale strandings.  

There are two times in the roughly 11 year solar cycle (technically half cycle) when this correlation appears to be strongest;  around both solar minimums and solar maximums.  Solar minimums are when the sun's magnetic field is at its strongest and that seems to correlate with more beached whales. Then, around solar maximums, the sun's magnetic field weakens, but solar flares and giant explosions (Coronal Mass Ejections, CMEs), etc. create powerful geomagnetic storms that again correlate with beached whales.  

The correlation can be seen in the following graphs:  

The above graph shows two things worth noting:
1.  The solar minimum occurred in 2019.  Around the minimum is roughly the period when whale strandings peak on this graph.  

2.  We are very early in 2023 and are on pace to exceed the other years, which is to be expected since we just had a very active solar period and are heading into a solar maximum. 

Meanwhile on the West coast, a similar dynamic is playing out:  

 The above graph again shows two things worth noting:  

1.  A similar pattern to the East Coast centered around the time of solar minimum.  (this graph shows both months and years, highlighting the seasonality of whale migration.)  

2.  This graph includes UMEs from 1999 and 2000 (UMEs are Unusual Mortality Events) Both years were heading into solar maximums during active cycles.

(Both graphs are c/o NOAA Fisheries:  

Here's what happens with the sun's overall magnetic field during minimums and maximums:  

In the above graph, the A panel and the C panel show the inverse relationship between solar cycles and  magnetic field strength.  When the A panel (solar activity) is at minimum, the C panel (magnetic strength) is at maximum, and vice versa. 

(Graph is C/O  "Deciphering Solar Magnetic Activity: The Solar Cycle Clock" ) 

Speaking of solar maximums, the largest solar geomagnetic storm in recorded history happened in 1859 and is known as the Carrington Event.  It occurred just as we were heading into a solar maximum.  The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, were visible as far south as Hawaii and Mexico.  The drawing at the top is of a beached whale in Long Island, NY, 1859.  Hmm.  

Now, if you're one of those, "correlation is not causation" types,  I get it.  I'm one too.  To be clear, I'm not presenting this as the be-all, end-all on this subject.  It's just some correlations and a theory.
That said, there are other solar/whale experts who also point to solar involvement, though they seem to be focused on geomagnetic storms.  My addition to this theory is that there is also a correlation with solar minimums when the sun's magnetic field strength is at its highest.

To recap:  there are two times in the roughly 11 year solar cycle that correspond to spikes in whale beachings.  The first is at minimum when the solar magnetic field is strongest, and the second is around the solar maximum when sun spots, solar flares, and CMEs create geomagnetic storms.   

So you may be asking, why is a blogger who writes mostly about politics and the economy writing about whales and the sun?

I became an amateur sun watcher after writing about global warming in 2019.  That piece is the most read thing on this blog.  If you're interested you can read it here:  Fact Check: The Truth About Global Warming

What I learned during my climate research is that the sun and stars are truly the most amazing objects around.  And we are just in the early stages of understanding them.  The first satellite devoted to the sun went up in the late 1970s.  Prior to satellites, we were limited in what we could observe from Earth's surface and from balloons.  Now we have dozens of satellites looking at all sorts of solar phenomena.  

And there's a lot to look at.  The sun is constantly spewing out atomic mass, radiation, protons, electrons, x-rays, charged plasma, magnetic fields, light, energy, heat, and on and on.  

And the sun is by no means constant.  It is incredibly dynamic, temperamental, and alive.  It's hard to overstate its impact.  It is the source of all life.  It is likely the source of all things non-living too.  If there's a God, the first item on the agenda had to be to create the sun and stars, for without them, nothing else could exist.

When the sun sneezes, the Earth catches cold.  Here's some fun facts about the scale of it all:  If the sun was a basketball on first base in Fenway Park, the Earth would be a tiny pea on home plate.  That basketball is so massive and powerful it is responsible for everything that happens in the entire Boston area.  The nearest star would be another basketball... in Honolulu.  The sun amounts to 99.86% of all the mass in our solar system.  Yeah, those giant planets Jupiter and Saturn combined with all the small ones like Earth together amount to a measly .0014 of the total mass in our solar system!  

In conclusion:  Could the sun mess with whales and cause them to beach in NJ?  I argue, yes.  Is this correlation proof?  No.  Could sonar still be the cause?  Possibly, but I see no evidence for that at all.  

(For the record, I'm not a fan of offshore wind farms.  Not because of what they might do to marine life, but because I've lived on the coast long enough to know that salt water and electricity make a bad combo. That, plus the dubious economics.)      

P.S. If you want to become an amateur sun watcher, here are some good sites to help you get started:

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Fact Check: Predictions are Hard. Especially about the Future.

As the sun rises on election day 2022, here are some bold predictions.  And some explanations:

Yes, there will be a red wave in the House. Nothing can stop that from happening.  But the Senate is another story.  Statewide races are much easier to steal, and that's what will happen. There's just too much at stake.  And the cost of stealing elections is zero.  

No one is in prison for election fraud in America.  Several hundred, however, are in prison for pointing it out.  Two of the most prominent voices, Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, just spent a week in solitary confinement for making a movie, "2000 Mules", about one small piece of the election fraud in 2020.  They were finally released after the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals found no basis for their imprisonment.

Anytime the upside of cheating is measured in trillion$ and the downside is measured in zero$, there will be fraud.  But it goes much deeper.  A Republican Senate would mean that the entire corrupt Democrat machine could be exposed.  Not that a Democrat DOJ will do anything about it, but public hearings will be embarrassing.  The Biden family corruption, the lab-leak cover-up, the election fraud in 2020, the vaccine fraud, the early treatment hoaxes, the spying on Trump, CIA and FBI corruption, Jeffrey Epstein's codefendants, etc., all of it will be center stage.  And impeachments are tried in the Senate.  

Then there is the Supreme Court. Democrats have shown repeatedly they will resort to depraved measures to keep control of the high court.  Why would stealing elections be off the table if publicly smearing Brett Kavanaugh as a serial rapist was not? The path to the Court goes through the Senate.  Sure, let the people have the House, but the Senate must stay with The Party.  This is not negotiable.

I predict there will be a huge discrepancy between the House red wave momentum and the Senate's.  This will come from the same Democrat strongholds that went statistically whacko for Biden in 2020.  The reasons will be the same: ballot stuffing, ballot harvesting, software anomalies, mysterious delays, no voter ID, no signature verification, one-party ballot adjudication, no chain of custody, no citizenship requirement, no ability to audit, no way to reconcile envelopes and ballots, no bi-partisan observers, courts unwilling to get involved, and massive intimidation by the civil rights division of the politicized DOJ.

By the way, you can always tell who the election fraud phonies are.  When they win, it's always the cleanest election in history.  But when they lose it's crooked from top to bottom.  As for me, I've been writing about election fraud for several cycles, both win and lose.  (see links at the end)    

One other prediction: if Democrats fail to steal the Senate, there will be riots.

Now for some explanations: 

The first thing to know about politics in America is that Calvin Coolidge is dead; the business of America is...government.  We crossed the rubicon about a half century ago.  Government is now so big it essentially elects itself.  

In 1910, Total Govt Spending was under 10% of National Income.  Today it is well over 100%.  That's only possible through massive borrowing and printing, and it's why we have such high inflation.  Government has taken over. (Total Govt Spending includes federal, state, local, and The Federal Reserve)

So what, who cares if government takes over?  It's a Democracy and that's what the people want, right?  The problem is, we have become a one party country.  Yes, I know it doesn't seem like it, but it's true.  The Democrats, aka the party of government, have ruled Washington for the last 112 years.  Yes, there have been Republican presidents and congresses, but the last time the GOP had a super majority in the senate was 1910.  You need a super majority in the senate to be in full control.  Democrats have had super majorities for about 15 of the last 112 years.  But the way it works in the senate, things lean even more to the Democrats.  For the entirety of that 112 year span, Democrats have had the power to blast the Republican agenda to bits through the filibuster!  

The result of Democrat control in Washington has been the unchecked growth of government in the last 112 years.  Government is now so big it self-perpetuates.  

So how can this election be leaning GOP?  The answer is that people vote according to their sensitivity to incompetent government.  When times are good people feel insulated from reckless government, and will trade freedom for perceived security.  When times are bad, they feel the trade is no longer worth it. The more exposed you are to bad government, the more you will vote with the party of limited government.  

To be clear; Republicans as a group are no better at governing than Democrats, but they do adhere more to our founding principles of limited government.  In bad times, with incompetent government, less is better.

And there are several issues currently signaling bad times: food, energy, crime, education, and war.  Food and energy are tied in with inflation which is squeezing American budgets and raising interest rates.  Crime is unchecked in Democrat strongholds where the police have been sidelined and the courts neutered.  We are fighting a futile and deadly proxy war with Russia in Ukraine.  And education is a mess since many governors and teachers unions closed schools and forced kids to stay home.

These issues have flipped many suburban women who turned out for Joe Biden.  They're also flipping minority voters who have always voted for the party of big government.

And if you want to know why election fraud is all of a sudden a big issue in America, it's because Democrats used the courts to change the way we do elections.  This was largely illegal because it bypassed the state legislatures that are constitutionally in charge of elections.  And, this effort preceded the pandemic by years.  It had nothing to do with covid!  But it got a huge boost when members of both parties got cold feet over in-person voting.  

Here's a summary of what happened in the lead-up to 2020:  


And here're some older pieces of mine on election fraud in reverse chronological order:

We've Got Voter Fraud All Wrong

You Can See Voter Fraud From Space

Obama Urges Illegals to Vote

Obama's 50 Year Plan

Corruption in NJ - 2009

(Hat tip to Yogi Berra for the title of this piece.)




Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Fact Check: Did Joe Biden Kill Zawahiri?

Yesterday, Joe Biden announced that a U.S. counterterrorism operation in Afghanistan killed Al Qaeda #1 Ayman al-Zawahiri.  That's great news.

But something in his announcement seemed reminiscent of Barack Obama's 2001 announcement when a U.S. counterterrorism operation in Pakistan killed Osama bin-Laden.  

Here is my reaction to that earlier announcement.  I think it applies to today as well.


Friday, June 10, 2022

Fact Check: The Truth About January 6th


If you want to really know why there was a protest at the Capital 1/6/21, watch video above.  And if you really want to know why the protest turned into a riot, read this piece I wrote about Charlottesville.  Same play, same playbook, same result.

The first law of elections is: 

"It is not the citizen's job to prove election fraud, rather it is the state's job to prove a clean and auditable election." 
The reason there was a protest that turned ugly on 1/6/21 was because the states failed miserably and broke the first law of elections.  Without that you don't have elections, and without elections you don't have a democratic republic.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Fact Check: The Truth About School Shootings [UPDATED]

19 Children, 3 Adults Killed in School Shooting in Uvalde, TX
(Headline today)

Insanity is often defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.  That pretty much describes our approach to mass shootings.  How's it working so far?

Here’s a radical but eminently logical proposal to finally stop the kind of mass shootings that just happened in Texas:  Vote Republican!

I know. I know. You think Republicans ARE the problem!  Heck, they’re the NRA party, right?  How can Republicans possibly fix this?  And don't Republicans run Texas, where this happened?  Bear with me and I’ll explain...   

The first thing to know is that Democrats have had either total control, filibuster control, or veto proof control of the federal government for the last 110 years.  That's right.  Despite what you've heard, this has been a one party country for over a century.  The last time Republicans had the Presidency, the House, and a super majority in the Senate was in 1909... when Theodore Roosevelt was President! Democrats have had complete control or filibuster control for the entirety of that time.  For about 25 years they had complete control, and for the remaining 85 years they had filibuster or veto control.  The last time Democrats had absolute complete control was waaay, waaay, back during the ...Obama Administration! What did they do to stop mass shootings in 110 years?  Nothing. At least nothing effective.

A fair question would be, OK, what if Republicans could get the kind of control Democrats have had, what would they do differently?  Here's a hint, and then some specifics:

The Democrat voting coalition is made-up largely of groups who are on some level dependent on the federal government.  Among them are the poor, minorities, the sick, the oligarchs, union members, government employees, social liberals, and single parent families. These groups look to the Federal Government for protection and  money, and therefore Democrats accrue power by maximizing their numbers.  Democrats want you poor, vulnerable, dependent, and afraid;  they have NO interest in solving problems that would prevent this.     

The Republican voting coalition is largely made-up of individuals who seek independence from the federal government.  Among them are people of faith, much of the middle class, small and mid-sized business people, social conservatives, and nuclear families.  These groups look to the federal government for freedom and independence, and therefore Republicans accrue power by maximizing their numbers.  Republicans want you prosperous, secure, independent, and unafraid; they have EVERY interest in solving problems to promote this.           

Now, who do you suppose wants people to live in fear of someone getting into a school, or mall, or concert, and committing mass murder?  Could that be why Democrats did nothing when they had the power for 25 of the last 110 years?  Could that be why an NRA supported bill since 2007 that would prevent dangerous homicidal maniacs from obtaining guns has never been passed?  Could that be why every time there is legislation to screen these people, Democrats insert a poison pill to kill it?  Could that be why Democrats torpedoed their own "Fix NICS" bill in 2018? (NICS is the database of gun purchases and background checks)  Could that be why Democrats have done nothing to find the SSRI, drug, gaming, and mental health connection between young people and mass shootings?  (SSRIs are the Prozac type drugs that treat mental illness and correlate with mass shootings)  And who do you think passed the laws that allowed Nikolas Cruz and so many others to escape the criminal justice system entirely?  Why do you suppose no one is ever held accountable for the failures when murderers are red-flagged, but not stopped?

But the biggest factor connecting all gun violence, black and white, is the breakdown of the family.  Of the 27 worst mass shootings in America, 26 of them were committed by men who grew up without fathers.  The same holds true for the weekly violence in the inner cities across America. Democrat policies since 1909 have grown the government ten fold, made people dependent, and shrunk the family accordingly.  The most effective buy-back program to stop this madness would be a buy-back program for fathers not guns!    
Democrats have one solution: gut the Bill of Rights.  But would that solve anything?  According to Democrats themselves, banning assault weapons for a decade did nothing.  They ended their own ban under Bill Clinton.  Mass shootings happen all the time in countries without a 2nd amendment.  Some countries just use bombs and vehicles for mass murder.  The problem is not the tool, but the conditions that breed mass murderers.  And we are breeding them.  

There was a time in America when every household had a gun, every kid could shoot, dynamite was sold in general stores, fathers were common, and mass murders were rare.

Democrats will never fix this problem because the incentives are for them to keep people afraid, vulnerable, and dependent.  Give Republicans the Presidency, the House, and over sixty votes in the Senate for the first time in 110 years and this problem gets fixed pronto, along with many others.  Or, keep voting Democrat and watch more innocent people die.  Your choice. 

[UPDATE: And here's Ted Cruz confronting Democrats who filibustered his gun bill, Grassley/Cruz, which would have prevented almost every one of these recent mass shootings:]

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Fact Check: The Truth About Baby Formula [UPDATED]

There's a lot of news about the baby formula shortage, but very little information as to "why".  I think I know why, and if I'm right, it's also why you're not hearing about it.

I have no special insight into the baby formula industry, but I've seen this movie before.  This exact movie.  

You see, in 2014 I wrote a piece tying together several seemingly unrelated odd events at notable companies:  There was a SWAT style raid at a guitar factory, a large OTC painkiller plant was raided and shuttered, a fully built airplane factory was not allowed to open, and the U.S. government blocked the world's largest car manufacturer from selling certain models.  

I traced all those cases to labor unions, or rather the conspicuous lack thereof.

It looked to me like Barack Obama was weaponizing the U.S. government to advance his pro-union agenda.  These companies were standing in his way, if not literally, symbolically.

I believe this is why moms can't feed their babies.  It has nothing to do with supply chains, covid, Ukraine, etc.  It's all about punishing a company that prefers to work directly with its employees rather than through an adversarial third party.

For background, here's an excerpt from my 2014 piece:

Labor unions are Obama’s largest support system.  Unions supplied billions in the last three election cycles, practically all of it to Democrats.  More importantly, unions supplied the boots-on-the-ground and the muscle for Obama’s vaunted ground-game. The labor union agenda is Obama’s agenda according to Obama himself. The most frequent visitors to the oval office are labor union bosses and labor union lobbyists...  

These corporate/union bullying cases are similar to the IRS scandal in that government agencies were selectively targeting opponents of Obama’s political agenda.  But, there are significant differences too.  The IRS scandals broke because the targeted parties, non-profits and individuals, made a big stink.  In these corporate cases, the targets are for-profit corporations who will never make a stink.  Unlike individuals and non-profit groups, corporations have a huge incentive to keep quiet when being targeted by their government.  Corporations answer to their shareholders, and shareholders care about one thing only - share value.  Confronting abusive government is never a shareholder priority.  Corporations are also easily painted as villains.  When corporations get unjustly targeted by governments, they usually suck it up, pay the fines, settle the lawsuits, and quietly get back to work. 

Now back to the baby formula case today:

About 3 months ago, the U.S. FDA shuttered the largest baby formula plant in the country, an Abbott Labs plant in Sturgis, MI.  The reasons for the plant closure was that there was a whistleblower who alleged sloppy hygiene at the plant, and subsequently there were a pair of fatalities from bacterial contamination allegedly tied to the plant. 

Scary stuff indeed!  But further investigation revealed no such contaminants in samples of formula at the plant.  And none were found in any of the formula recalled from store shelves.  In fact, The FDA did not find any bacteria that were an exact match anywhere at the site.  If those children were killed by bacteria, there is no evidence whatsoever tying it to Abbott Labs.

Yet, the plant remains closed as of today.     

All of this seemed familiar to me.  In fact, not just familiar, but exactly like what had happened with Johnson & Johnson's Tylenol plants.

Again, I'll direct you to the piece I wrote in 2014 which has all the details, but here's a brief summary:

  • 1980s - 7 people die from cyanide tainted Tylenol.  
  • All products are recalled, the plant is shut, and J&J has a devastating PR nightmare on its hands.
  • None of the recalled product is contaminated, and no cyanide is ever found at the plant.
  • The case remains unsolved, but the contamination was traced to the Tylenol distribution network around Chicage, IL.
  • At the time The Teamsters ran all distribution for Tylenol in Chicago, while J&J was known to prefer non-union employees. 
  • After the deaths, J&J took all distribution in-house and away from the Teamsters.
Fast forward to 2011:
  • The U.S. govt, under Barack Obama, raids 3 J&J/McNeil/Tylenol plants, shuts one down, and forces several recalls claiming faulty products, bad hygiene, bacteria, odors, etc.
  • No one has been sickened, injured, or killed by any of these allegedly faulty products.  
  • J&J loses billions, gets heavily fined, undergoes a management shakeup, and the nation goes through a protracted shortage of brand name Tylenol.  
This is a mirror image of the events that have led to the baby formula shortage today.  And just like J&J, Abbott Labs is considered one of the country's best employers.  This usually means a preference for treating employees as individuals, which is anathema to unions.  

Please read the full story from 2014.  This all has the unmistakable odor of an Obama/Democrat/Union operation. 

(You might be saying, "Hey Undiepundit, are you implying that unions killed two babies to hurt Abbott Labs?"  No, I would never say that without verification.  In fact I tried very hard to get a statement from union headquarters, but unfortunately Jimmy Hoffa has yet to return my call.)

As if the union hit wasn't enough, Democrats also hate Abbott Labs for their deal with Donald Trump.  Recall that Abbott Labs was featured at a White House press conference in the middle of the pandemic where the President unveiled Abbott's new rapid test machine.  He then went ahead and contracted with Abbott for $750,000,000 worth of the machines which rocketed Abbott's stock.  

        (Notice how ABC mistakes Trump's FDA commissioner for his Treasury Secy.  LOL) 

Monday, April 11, 2022

Fact Check: The Truth About The 2020 Election

Watch Catherine Englebrecht and Gregg Phillips on Charlie Kirk talking about the work they have done proving the coordinated election fraud in 2020/21.  This is the story Dinesh D'Souza will be telling in his movie, "2000 Mules", due to drop soon. 

Again, I'll repeat what I have said about election fraud all along:  It is not the citizen's job to prove election fraud, rather it is the states job to prove they ran a clean and auditable election.  The burden of proof is always on the state.  Watch this video and judge for yourself if the states can prove they ran clean elections.  

Watch on Rumble:


[UPDATE] And as a reminder, here's how the Democrats pulled it off:


Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Fact Check: Israel - What Happened After The 4th Jab?

(Graph from Worldometer as of 2/1/2022)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you the most vaccinated and boosted country in the world - Israel.  A place with more Nobel Prize winners per capita than anywhere else, but they sold their soul to Pfizer in a tragic bid to be first in line.

As you can see from the above graph,  Israel just blew past their pandemic record of deaths/day from Covid.  And this was during the "milder" omicron variant outbreak.  Moreover, all-cause mortality is up in Israel compared to pre-pandemic and pre-vaccination periods.  

P.S.  Of note, also up big are Pfizer's profits, stock price, and market capitalization.       

Friday, January 7, 2022

Fact Check: The Truth About Florida's Covid Response [UPDATED]

Stop me if you've heard these: 

"It's a Pandemic of the unvaccinated!"

"And the unvaccinated are all the GOP Trumpers!"

"And no place has more of them than Florida, with their Governor Ron DeathSantis!"

HERE'S THE REALITY CHECK:  Florida has had the LOWEST death rate from C19 in the country for months thanks to Ron DeSantis' unique monoclonal antibody program started in mid August.  Only in Florida can anyone walk into a mAbs clinic and receive monoclonal antibodies without a prescription.  It has worked miracles at slowing serious cases, hospitalizations, and death.

[UPDATE: Unfortunately, the Biden administration has cut-off the supply of these life saving therapies and shuttered Florida's mAbs program as of mid January, 2022.  If Biden was actively trying to kill Floridians, what would he do differently?]     

(Graph from Worldometer as of 1/7/22)