Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Trump's First Year...

Trump's 1st year:

Record year for stocks
Tax cuts, including corp. rate, passsed
Record low unemployment for Blacks and Hispanics
GDP growth from private sector highest in a decade
Regulations actually being reduced 22 for every new 1
ISIS kicked out of Syria and Iraq
U.S. embassy moving to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel
Obamacare mandate gone
Freed the internet from gov't mandated "net neutrality"
Record appointments to the federal courts
Neil Gorsuch on the SCOTUS
North Korea and Iran no longer being coddled
Ended Obama's war on business
Passed VA reform
Rebuilding the DOD
Fired Omarosa.  Again.
Ended Obama's war on conservative Americans
No more corruption and politicization in every branch of government
Power being returned to the States and the People
Illegal immigration down significantly
Corruption at FBI and DOJ exposed
Travel ban instituted from un-vet-able countries
Chain and lottery migration about to be ended
Introduced the term "Covfefe"
America is respected once again by our enemies and competitors
Standing up to the jackals at the UN
And much, much, more...

...Including the Left's heads exploding.  Every. Single. Day!

And he did all that while fighting off a concerted coup d'etat by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the entire Democrat party, the FBI, DOJ, CIA, the pop media, and just about every deep state bureaucrat in the federal government.  So far he has been winning, armed with nothing more than a Twitter account, a Diet Coke habit, and a pair of gold plated cajones. 

And while the goal is to Make America Great Again for the people, in order to do that Trump has had to undo eight years of Obama which was making America weaker, poorer, and less respected around the world.  Here's how that's been going: 

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