Friday, January 5, 2018

Trump is an Idiot!*

*According to Michael Wolff, the author of the upcoming Trump expose "Fire and Fury", detractors within Trump's own White House referred to him as an "idiot"...and worse.  

Funny, I seem to remember every single Republican in my lifetime being portrayed the exact same way.  Even Mitt Romney was an idiot who abused puppies, had binders full of women, and was compared to Hitler.  

In fact, this precedes modern times and goes all the way back to the original Republican, the first "idiot" who ever tried to pry an entitlement from the fist of a Democrat:


Here's something I didn't know about Steve Bannon, the key source in Michael Wolff's book - he was anti-growth!  Apparently he was the one who wanted to RAISE the top marginal income tax rate, he supported a WEAK dollar, and he wanted to RAISE tariffs.   I say, vaya con dios, Steve Bannon.

Bannon’s peculiar notions of populism were essentially anti-growth. He believed higher taxes, ultra-protectionism, and a cheap dollar would help the middle class. Supply-siders like me know these policies only damage the economy, with the middle and lower classes suffering the most.   

From Larry Kudlow, one of the architects behind the tax reforms just passed, who connects the stock market jump this week to Bannon's demise. 

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  1. Another little bit about tariffs and Steve Bannon: It appears that Bannon was able to convince DJT that Andrew Jackson, whose home they visited at one point, was an avid proponent of strong tariffs. Only one problem with that - Andrew Jackson, like most southerners of his time, was generally opposed to tariffs. One accomplishment that Jackson counted among his treasured memories was his achieving an elimination of one tariff program which dogged him during his presidency.

    From recent reading about Mr. Bannon, he appears to have consumed esoteric treatises by obscure writers in some subset of "traditionalist" philosophy, but he seems to have been unable to consume commonly available U.S. History materials in sufficient measure.