Thursday, October 29, 2009


When Bill Clinton strayed too far from the principles on which our country was founded or acted like an ass, criminal, or dunce, he had a compliant pop-media to cover for him with few exceptions.  Chief among the dissenters was Rush Limbaugh who fulminated for 3 hours every day on national syndicated radio to millions of listeners.  I'm sure Limbaugh was a thorn in Clinton's side, but he was not as effective as he could have been due to his sometimes offensive style.  Even when I agree with Rush, I have a hard time getting past the pointless self promotion, unnecessary bravado, and dark moods.  I'm sure this acts as an impediment to "closing the sale" with fence-sitters. 

I won't even elaborate on Bush 43's situation since he had no compliant pop-media and critics in every corner on the right.  (See: Steel tarrifs, NCLB, Medicare Part D, Immigration, Meyers, Patriot Act, etc. and that doesn't even get to the war issues!)

Now we get to President Obama who is by all appearances leading a vigorous Marxist Coup in Washington in broad daylight with the willing consent of the pop-media, his own ruling party, the powerless Republicans, and a good chunk of the American Sheep Herd.  Standing in his way is talk radio including the aforementioned Rush Limbaugh, an enlivened Fox News, and the Wild Wild Net.  One Fox commentator, Glenn Beck,  has stood above the rest and acted like a clearinghouse for all the pieces of the puzzle which together prove the case that we are living through a Marxist Coup the likes of which have never been seen before in America.  And he's doing it artfully, humbly, sincerely, emotionally, and with a methodical approach which builds the case brick by brick, night after night.  Moreover, he is building a cadre of feeder sources from the Net and others which provide him the leads which comprise his wall of evidence.  He's become the most powerful, articulate, entertaining, and effective spokesman and clearinghouse for exposing this Marxist Coup.  No wonder Obama is lashing out like a cornered bully. 

In retrospect, Bill Clinton had it soooo much easier...

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