Monday, October 5, 2009

Magic Bullets - Part II - New Constitutional Ammendments

Again, in response to The Lovin' Spoonful, I do believe in magic!  Magic Bullets that is.  Today's magic bullets are a trio of constitutional ammendments that would do an end-run around the run-away government that has slipped through the cracks of the Commerce Clause and other overly broad parts of our founding documents which clearly were not intended by the authors as curently construed.   Read on if this kind of thing interests you and please comment: 

28th ammendment -  All domestic federal revenue must be collected directly from the people. 

This ammendment would eliminate all stealth taxes and fees and reveal the true cost of our government to the people.  One big change would be the elimination of all corporate and payroll taxes.  So, you say, corporations get a free ride???  Not at all.  Corporations don't actually pay taxes!   But they do collect and remit taxes which are stealthily taken from their employees and customers.  Stealth taxes are how the government is able to fool the populace into thinking they are getting good value from their tax dollar.  This is a magic bullet which would quickly lead to honest, right-sized government.

29th ammendment - Federal Representatives, Senators, and Judges including SCOTUS, may serve no longer than 12 years.

Don't really need to explain this one 'cause the logic is exactly the same as term limits for the President.  A no-brainer magic bullet.

30th ammendment -  Any activity (legislation, regulation, financing, goods, services, etc) of the federal government must meet three tests:  1. the activity must be of direct and equal benefit  for potentially all US citizens, 2.  the activity must not be obtainable from the private sector, 3.  and the cost of the activity must be borne by all citizens in like proportion, after an exemption for poverty.   

This would drive a stake through the heart of pork spending and earmarks while making sure everyone had "skin-in-the-game".   Could we socialize medicine after this?  No, because it would fail the second test.  Could we even have Medicaid or Medicare?  Sure, as long as it was strictly a financing activity which all citizens could obtain if they qualify.  Could we have a space program?  Sure, as it would meet all 3.  Could we have National Parks?  Sure.  Could we have a bridge to nowhere?  No.  Could we have wealth re-distribution?  Sure, as long as it passed the third test (which would limit it severely).  Could we go to a national sales tax or keep the income tax?  Sure, but the income tax would be flat after poverty and the sales tax would have a pre-bate.

How would our country look after these 3 ammendments?  Think about it....              

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