Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dow 10,000!!!

Yipee!  The economy is fixed and the Dow is back at 10,000!  We sure dodged that bullet.  All hail the fabulous geniuses in Washington.  They cleaned up Bush's mess in only nine months!  All those bad mortgages have magically gone away!  The banks that wrote the mortgages are in great shape since they gave all the downside to the government!  The people who bought those homes have all refinanced and been "modified" with government guarantees!  Home values are shooting up thanks to free government money flooding the banks!  Goldman Sachs is paying bonuses again with Fed money!  The car companies are back and guaranteed by Uncle Sam!  Even gold is up showing, of course, that there is huge demand for bling!  So big deal, some people can't find work, not to worry, the government is paying unemployment benefits forever!  Isn't this great!  Yipee!  Aren't we great?  What's that, you say, there's a big bulge under that rug?  I'm sure it's nothing and I wouldn't worry about it for a few years anyway...

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