Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A is A

Ayn Rand's masterpiece philosophical novel "Atlas Shrugged" was ostensibly a dissertation on the simple axiom  that "A is A".   Following the news in October 2009 I question how long we can pretend that "A is not A" before something gives a la Atlas Shrugged.  Can the government do something it has never done before; take-over huge parts of the economy, increase access, lower cost, increase quality, and make huge advances in technology?   Can the government make us safer by alienating our allies and appeasing our enemies?  Can we break every law of economics and build a stronger economy?  Can we criminalize intelligence and become more intelligent?  Can we fill our government with Marxists and not end up with a Marxist government?    Can we print money without restraint and not debase our currency?  Can we force the redistribution of wealth without destroying the engine that creates wealth?  Can the government make the sun cooler by taxing energy? Can we burn food to run our cars and not end up with less food?  Can "A not be A"?  Somethings gotta give and all I know is it's just a matter of time.  But timing is everything...

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