Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Microwave Government

Ever try to cook a steak in a microwave oven? Most likely you’ll end up with a ghastly grey slab that has the consistency of shoe leather and is about as appealing as road kill. Some things are better done the simple way; slowly over an open fire. Consider the case of our federal government: We declared independence in 1776 but didn’t ratify a constitution until 1788. That document was debated ad nauseum by it's authors in voluminous print before the colonies voted it in.  Wasn't that effort worth the time to get it right? Now Washington votes on major legislation running 2000 pages long which radically transforms the very essence of our republic that not a single member of the legislature has even taken the time to read.  Moreover, these bills are comprised almost entirely of venal political favors and payoffs. We are cooking all our laws including those concerning banking, health care, business, energy, environment, and defense in a giant dirty microwave oven. Supper anyone?

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